• Holly E.-
I have a restricted diet due to severe food allergies. The staff at NuNauturals was so helpful in identifying the right products for me. I appreciate the excellent customer service and high quality products the company offers. Thank you!

• Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, Olympic Gold Medalist - www.nativevoices.org
Co-Founder Native American Olympic Team Foundation
NuNaturals MoreFiber™ version for baking duplicates the amount of sugar used in recipes to further help Americans get “ Lean and Clean” , plus NuNaturals LevelRight™ formula has 90% of the most powerful diabetes prevention herbs.

• Michael Dukin, Chippewa Tribal Radio Announcer –
Of all the kinds of sugar-free products I have tried, NuStevia™ is the best tasting & I use NuStevia™ on my oatmeal every morning, as well as in my coffee & teas, and those who know about NuStevia™ & have tried it, now have a wonderful Tribal discovered solution to avoid obesity & diabetes.

• Solenne – www.wholepersonbalancedlife.blogspot.com
Replace artificial, no calorie sweeteners with the amazing NO calorie natural sweetener Stevia, and make sure you buy a reputable brand like NuNaturals.

• Lindsay Rose – www.trikonahealthworks.wordpress.com
Try NuNaturals Brand, which is less bitter.

• Katie Unger – www.yesiwantcake.com
I just made the yummiest pancake for breakfast. I used NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend.

• Liz – www.lizlivingvegan.wordpress.com
Made some pancakes & tried out some of the NuNaturals Stevia products. I added the Vanilla Stevia to the batter, used 8 drops, and it was the perfect amount of sweetness.

• Mimi – www.damthefreshman15.blogspot.com
NuNaturals makes the best Stevia, in my opinion.

• Foodie – www.fabanddeliciousfood.com
I really love the NuNaturals Liquid Vanilla Stevia. It’s so easy to use & blends together so nicely in drinks , has no aftertaste.

• Angie - www.angiewith2.blogspot.com
Your Stevia Baking Blend was one of my favorites. Very good flavor when I tried it in an Apple Cinnamon Muffin recipe. The texture & flavor was not much different from when I’ve made the recipe with sugar. The kids didn’t even notice.

• Glambaa -
NuNaturals Stevia !! Life can never be too sweet !!

• Nellie Tate – www.midlifecruiser.blogspot.com
Only the BEST Natural Sweetener I’ve found. It does not have the bitter aftertaste other Stevia brands have. I have already fallen in love with the Vanilla Stevia and put it on everything I can get my hands on. I love this Company !

• Elizabeth Flesher – www.trenchesofmommyhood.blogspot.com
My husband has fallen in love with the NuStevia Packets. He loves to use them in his coffee & can use just one small packet for all his morning coffee – a little goes a long way ! He also loves the liquid Vanilla Stevia to sweeten and it adds a touch of vanilla.

• Adrianne – www.flex-appeal.blogspot.com
My favorite way to use NuNaturals Stevia is in a hot mug of almond milk. It also became my replacement of an apple in my morning green juice ! YUM !!

• Callie White – www.calliegetsskinny.blogspot.com
NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend …..I used it in my cupcakes and they ROCKED ! Seriously, you couldn’t tell that it was Stevia instead of sugar in this recipe. I am hooked beyond belief. Sugar-free, no funky side effects, no bitter aftertaste, and a container that will last me forever because you only have to use a tiny bit. Yep, I’m sold and will be a loyal customer from now on.

• Stacie Mitchell - www.imperfectlyhealthy.com
NuNaturals Nustevia Sweetener Stevia Baking Blend ……Best stuff EVER !!

• Casey Lorraine, Australia - www.caseylorraine.com
I recommend NuNaturals Brand of Stevia. It is by far the best tasting Stevia product in my opinion, and trust me, I’ve tried many ! Yes, the NuNaturals Stevia is phenomenal !

• Maggie Lauer - www.othersideoffifty.com
These muffins that I made with NuStevia Baking Blend were out of this world ! No bitter aftertaste and they were incredibly moist without the addition of a lot of fat. NuStevia Sweetener also contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, which keeps life moving in a pleasant direction, as well as helping stabilize blood sugar. It’s all good !

• Sarahanne – www.reviewstream.com
This sweetener by NuNaturals is good for increasing the sweetness in beverages like tea or even lemonade. I like the way it improves the taste of these different beverages, and I also really like the health benefits of using this product over sugar. I highly recommend this sweetener to have in your cupboard for a calorie-free option for sweetening some of your foods.

• Dr. Dutch -
I love the NuNaturals products. The Vanilla Stevia Liquid is great for sweetening green smoothies and homemade almond milk.

• Anasuya - www.reviewstream.com
NuNaturals NuStevia White Stevia Powder ….I really do only need one packet to sweeten a cup of coffee, and it’s so much better for you than other sugar substitutes. Eventually I’ll have a sugar free house and can thank NuNaturals for it .

• Ellen Elkin –
Your Brand of Stevia is my favorite ! I purchase it at Whole Foods. It is the only one with NO aftertaste and is so smooth. It’s wonderful….Thank you !

• Valerie - www.citylifeeats.com
I had gotten myself stuck in a habit of buying your competitor’s product, and I find NuNaturals so much less bitter, particularly the Chocolate Cocoa Bean Extract. Your products are just wonderful !

• Erica – www.itzyskitchen.com
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the NuNaturals packets ! I just ran out and headed to Whole Foods to get more.

• Emily Davidson – www.healthyeatingnaturally.wordpress.com
I LOVE NuNaturals Stevia ! I use it in all my baking. It’s especially good in my flourless maple almond butter bread.

• Chrysta – www.livingfitdaily.blogspot.com
I love this product so much ! It’s fabulous !

• Katie – www.ajoyinclass.wordpress.com
NuNaturals is my very favorite Stevia.

• Admin. – www.beauty.beflossy.com
I love the individual packets of NuStevia. I keep them in my purse so I’m never without them. You can also get liquid Stevia, which is the one I get the most use out of. If you are new to Stevia I recommend these products as your first purchase. It tastes GREAT ! These will be a staple in my household from now on.

• Miss Millie N. –

I thoroughly concur with your assessment of NuNaturals. Of the many Brands of Stevia I have tried over the years, NuNaturals stands out as tasting the “closest” to sugar. Additionally, NuNaturals has a higher concentration of “Sweet” taste per unit weight of Stevia relative to other Brands. Nothing goes better in Greek Yogurt or my morning cuppa joe. If your local grocery and health food stores don’t have NuNaturals in stock, it’s probably because I’ve hoarded them all !

• Lawrence Stockman –
NuNaturals Stevia is awesome ! I love it for my coffee.

• Casey Lorraine – Australia www.caseylorraine.com
I recommend the NuNaturals Brand of Stevia. It is by far the best tasting Stevia product in my opinion, and trust me, I’ve tried many ! One of my favorites is their Stevia Liquid in a handy plastic container, great for traveling !

• Joi – www.justsayingno.com
NuNaturals Pure White Stevia Extract and their alcohol Free Liquid Extracts are the best !

• Wendysue –
NuNaturals Level Right, a product to keep your blood sugar levels steady.

• Kelly – www.rahraw.blog.com

I made a batch of cookies with the NuStevia Sweetener Baking Blend and I was impressed. Surprisingly, I couldn’t really detect any aftertaste like I’ve had in the past.

• Jenn’s Menu & Lifestyle Blog – www.j3nn.net

I love NuNaturals ! It doesn’t have the funky aftertaste at all. The Vanilla Liquid is SOOO GOOD !
I add a few drops to a cup of milk & I swear it’s like a vanilla milkshake.

• Erika Heidewald, Actress – www.healthandhappinessinla.blogspot.com

I’ve tried several Brands of Stevia & they always tasted off, to the point that I couldn’t enjoy my coffee. But I guess BRAND really does matter when it comes to Stevia. NuNaturals liquid & the powder packets tasted great in my coffee. YAY !!

• Callie – www.calliegetsskinny.blogspot.com
NuNaturals has AWESOME Stevia products that replace sugar seamlessly – and with NO gross bitter aftertaste.

• Kim – www.affairsofliving.com
I just recently had the opportunity to try NuNaturals products and their Stevia has risen to the top of my “ Favorite Stevia Brands”. The flavor is GREAT !

• Helen - www.helennaturally.wordpress.com

I love NuNaturals Stevia products. I have used the packets, vanilla drops, & clear liquid drops. I have loved all of them & they really do not have a bitter after taste. I highly recommend this product to anyone that would like an ALL-NATURAL sweetener.

• Christin - www.purplebirdblog.com
This was my first time experimenting with the NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend & I loved it. Totally Amazing !

• Gracie - www.girlmeetslife.com

I love NuNaturals products because they provide an All-Natural alternative to sugar so I don’t get those crazy spikes in my blood sugar. It also taste great…. much better than other sugar alternatives I’ve tried.

• Ellen – www.confessionsofanover-workedmom.blogspot.com
I really recommend NuNaturals Stevia products for anyone looking for a healthier way to cook and eat.

• Angie - www.southerngracegourmet.com
NuNaturals prides itself in having a product without the undesirable bitter flavor that other Stevia products can have. I was amazed how sweet their products are and none of the products had a bitter aftertaste at all.

• Ricki Heller, PhD, Cookbook Author, Nutritionist - www.dietdessertndogs.com
NuNaturals has developed their reputation as the Company that produces non-bitter Stevia for a reason ! Like so many others, I was incredibly impressed with their products. It is truly the best tasting Stevia I’ve tried, plus they are so nice over there.

• Angel Chavis- www.yummyvegetariandelights.com
The best Stevia I’ve ever tasted. Tasting is believing.

• Kristine Fretwell, Pro Fitness Model & Video Producer - www.busybuthealthy.com
I must say I’m impressed. I’ve used the Baking Blend in a few recipes and it turned out great !

• Barbara Gary - www.diabeticsnacker.com
There is no after taste with these products which I really like. I do a lot of sugar-free baking so it’s nice to have an alternative sweetener on hand for all my baking needs.

• Heather- www.mile26andmore.com
We love NuNaturals in our house. The Baking Blends & liquid drops are our favorites.

• Stacie - www.imperfectlyhealthy.com
Instead of using granulated sugar, I used NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend and applesauce instead of oil and they turned out surprisingly well. Best stuff ever !

• Julie - www.juliegolean.com
Nothing in life is ever too sweet and my love for NuNaturals has me carrying their little plastic liquid Stevia around in my handbag all the time. Seriously NuNaturals is the best thing on the face of the planet. I use it everyday in everything !

• Shannon - www.nourishingdays.com
I don’t eat sugars at all, so Stevia is about my only sweetener. The best tasting brand I have found is NuNaturals.

• Melissa –
I live for NuNaturals Vanilla drops …. The best hands down, I use it in everything from coffee … to smoothies… to salad dressings.

• Raychel –
OK, WOW, we love NuNaturals at my house ! We have two recipes we use it in all the time.

• Elizabeth –
I use NuNaturals Stevia every single day. I love squeezing lemon into sparkling water and adding a few drops of NuNaturals Stevia. . I also like adding a few drops of NuNaturals to my green lemonade with celery, cucumber, parsley, or cilantro, plus lemon.

• Lauren Talbot, Nutritionist - www.diaryofanutritionist.com
I am loyal to NuNaturals NuStevia because honestly it is the best tasting Stevia I have ever tried.

• Maggie - www.thesaladgirl.com
Think about skipping the sugar in favor of something better … Stevia maybe, and I recommend NuNaturals.

• Robyn –
I drink Chai first thing every morning & then Tazo Passion Tea…. Both with NuNaturals Stevia.

• Sarah Dussault, Fitness Video Producer - www.sarafit.com
NuNaturals …. My newest obsession. A must have for any healthy All-Natural bakers out there !
They are without a doubt my favorite Stevia sweetener.

• Diana D.- www.soapandchocolate.com
NuNaturals is seriously higher quality than anything else I’ve tried, and what’s more, one little
Aspirin-sized Stevia tab sweetens my coffee quite precisely to the way I like it, no more guessing how much Stevia powder to use.

• Elise- www.hungryhungryhippie.com
NuStevia Sweetener Baking Blend….it makes baking really easy because it’s an all-in-one blend of Stevia & flour, but it isn’t too sweet and offers extra sources of fiber.

• Averie Sunshine, Fitness Model - www.loveveggiesandyoga.com
I love their Stevia, the best stuff ever ! I use the NuStevia powder in my chocolate brownie protein oats. I use their Liquid Vanilla Stevia in my coffee, smoothies, and chia seed pudding, plus their Baking Blend in my vegan, soy free granola.

• Heather- www.wheres-the-beach.blogspot.com
I love, love, love, the NuNaturals Liquid Vanilla Stevia ! I use it all the time in coffee, oatmeal, & on apples to make cinnamon apples. YUM ! If you haven’t tried NuNaturals products yet, you really need to. I don’t think you will be disappointed !

• Sarena Shasteen- www.thenondairyqueen.blogspot.com
NuNaturals is awesome ! Love their products !

• Heather –
I love NuNaturals Stevia, I did some recipes with it and loved it. When I run out I will probably freak out & then buy a ton more !

• Jenna- www.wholebodylove.com
I use the NuStevia White Powder, I love it ! It helped me cut out artificial sweeteners completely !

• Paige- www.runningaroundnormal.com
Love NuNaturals Stevia, I have to agree it’s the best Stevia I’ve ever tried ! The only brand I use now.
It’s the perfect amount of sweetness, without that weird, bitter kick of an aftertaste.

• Katie- www.makingfoodandotherstuff.wordpress.com
I used the NuStevia Baking Blend to make these awesome carrot cake cookies !

• Clarice- www.storybookwoods.typepad.com
If you have been wanting to try Stevia, or are like me & hated other Stevias, I encourage you to try NuNaturals.

• Mica- www.thechildspaper.blogspot.com
I love NuNaturals brand Stevia and use it every day .

• Michelle, Certified Health Coach - www.findyourbalancehealth.com
I think my very favorite NuNaturals product is the Vanilla Stevia Liquid, it was delicious in my chocolate flavored teas.

• Shannon- www.nourishingdays.com
I gave up all sugars a while back to help me lose weight. I use NuNaturals Stevia often to sweeten teas & such. It is the one sweetener I don’t have a weird response to.

• Jen-
I have been using the NuNaturals Liquid Alcohol-Free Vanilla Stevia for months & I’m obsessed !

• Erica- www.itzyskitchen.blogspot.com
I actually enjoy NuNaturals Stevia, especially their packets.

• Rachel- www.untilthethinladysings.blogspot.com
I finally bought some NuNaturals Brand Stevia Powder and I made this Stevia sweetened lemonade. I used half as much as other brands. NuNaturals is the only one I really like.

• Lindsay- www.pancakesnpajamas.com
I use the NuStevia Packets everyday in my coffee & the Vanilla Stevia was the star of my maple almond granola. I even got my mom hooked on these products while she was visiting.

• Strato-
I’ve tried many Stevia products. The best tasting I’ve had is NuNaturals Liquid Vanilla Stevia.

• CLC111-
I use NuNaturals Stevia. I didn’t care for it at first, but now I love it. It’s great in iced tea.

• Barb –
I have 5 bottles of NuNaturals Stevia in my kitchen ! I love it and use it almost every day …great in oatmeal !

• Lauren- www.healthyindulgences.blogspot.com
NuNaturals makes the ONLY non-bitter Pure Stevia Extract I have ever come across ( and I’ve tried many). It’s by far the best brand of Stevia Extract.

• Meagan Mary- www.ohmay.com
NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend was such a great addition to baked goods. I’ve been able to bake it into many different breads & muffins, and have had fantastic results.

• Lanaya-
I have used several types of Stevia based sweeteners over the years and found NuStevia taste to be superior to all others. It is sweet without being overpowering and has no aftertaste.

• Jody- www.truth2beingfit.com
I love NuNaturals and would love to win some more in your contests.

Their Pure Stevia Extract has virtually eliminated some of the undesirable strong flavors. You will use less NuNaturals Stevia because it is stronger than most Stevia products on the market.

• Rebecca, Dietitian - www.rebeccascritchfield.wordpress.com
I used the Vanilla Stevia Liquid in my coffee and like the Cocoa Extract. I found it to be very pleasant, but I really hit the jackpot when I put it in my fresh fruit smoothies.

• Erica-
I think they have the best products….. I am greedy and won’t share their packets with my husband.

• Josie- www.yumyucky.com
NuNaturals is the maker of the most awesome Stevia around. I am a loyal customer and use it almost every day.

• Elizabeth Jarrad, Dietetics Student – www.dontwhitesugarcoatit.com
I love that NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend can be subbed for sugar in a 1:1 ratio. It also adds Fiber ! Definitely adding this product to my shopping list.

• Allie - www.livelaugheat.com
The NuNaturals Stevia does not taste bitter to me. I’ve been using both the liquids and the powder forms the last couple of weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed them both.

• Melinda- www.fitandfabulouslife.com
I am a huge fan of NuNaturals - out of all the Stevias that I’ve tried so far , I have to say that theirs is my fave !

• Ilana- www.happyhealthyhottie.wordpress.com
Thank you NuNaturals for making all of my sugar-free pastry dreams come true !

• Beth- www.delectablyfree.com
I’m adamant about using NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia. It has a wonderful flavor and never gives off that dreaded, bitter taste.

• Kelsey- www.cleanteenkelsey.com
I love this Stevia Brand ! It’s incredible !

• Marla- www.familyfreshcooking.com
NuStevia Pure White Stevia Extract ….. I love this stuff. You can bake with it or use it anywhere you want sweet !

• Heather- www.gethealthywithheather.wordpress.com
I’ve been trying some Stevia lately and so far really like the NuNaturals drops.

• Meeps from South Korea- www.aliensdayout.com
NuNaturals Stevia definitely doesn’t have the slightly bitter aftertaste I get with others.

• Ana – www.newlywednewlyveg.com
Added a packet of NuNaturals to my yogurt bowl, the verdict ? I liked it ! It didn’t have any fake taste to it, and it dissolved easily.

• Angie McGowan- www.eclectrecipes.com
NuNaturals …. It’s a great Stevia product. The bread I baked with the Baking Blend came out perfect.

• Michelle- www.healingwithjuices.com
Worried about the bitter aftertaste of Stevia ? I didn’t get that with NuNaturals.

• Diana- www.diana135.blogspot.com
NuStevia is pure, natural, delicious sweetness and zero calories.

• Marissa- www.loserforlife.com
I have sampled many different brands of Stevia and NuNaturals is the one I enjoy the most. It does not have the bitterness that most Stevia does and it is calorie-free.

• Jenn-
I just recently bought a box of NuNaturals NuStevia and I loved it. It’s so great for sweetening lemonade.

• Lis-
The NuStevia worked well with NO aftertaste and just the right amount of sweetness in beverages or sprinkled over some foods.

• Lanaya, RN –
I have used several types of Stevia based sweeteners over the years and found NuStevia taste to be superior to all others.

• Debra Garner- www.veganfamilystyle.blogspot.com
I needed another sweetener that I felt comfortable with. The answer for me has been Stevia. I have tried many brands and the one I like the best is NuNaturals.

• Meg- www.sunshinenspice.wordpress.com
NuNaturals is a natural & sweet way to add flavor to any dessert or snack. It is not like any other sweetener, really ! It does not taste artificial at all, and you don’t need to use very much to get a great hint of sweetness.

• Amy Green, Cookbook Author - www.simplysugarandglutenfree.com
NuNaturals …A little goes a long way. Non-bitter and completely smooth. Was I ever in for a pleasant surprise !

• Stacy DeBroff Author & Founder of Mom Central - www.thedebroffdebrief.momcentral.com
NuNaturals with All-Natural Stevia allows me to still indulge in that slice of strawberry cheesecake every now & again, without all of the guilt. Baking sweets has never been sweeter !

• Michelle Tsao- www.luckytastebuds.wordpress.com
NuNaturals can help you eliminate calories, sugars, and refined sweetness from your treats and meals.

• Caroline- www.thebroccolihut.com
I recently did a Bake-Off using sweetener alternatives. NuNaturals NuStevia Baking Blend had texture very similar to flour, easiest to measure, and all-around best taste ! I LOVE NuNATURALS !

• Terilynn- www.thedailyrawcafe.com
A little goes a long way when it comes to NuStevia. There is no strange aftertaste, as a matter of fact, it brought out the natural flavors of the ingredients, enhancing the recipe.

• April Licensed Practical Nurse - www.foodsofapril.com
Nustevia Baking Blend made my Best-Ever Banana Bread.

• Allie- www.pimpmyproteinshake.blogspot.com
NuNaturals is the best tasting Stevia that I’ve tried. I basically use it all the time.

• Kat James, Award Winning Author - www.informedbeauty.com
NuStevia is the only Stevia product that has been naturally ( not genetically modified ) hybrid to weed out the bitter plants. The taste is the most like sugar of any Stevia product by far.

• Grace-
I’ve tried the Pure Stevia from NuNaturals and it’s AWESOME !

• Evan- www.foodmakesfunfuel.com
I think their Stevia taste is the purest !

• Rebecca, Fitness Competitor – www.rebeccastaggs.blogspot.com
I love NuNaturals Liquid Stevia !

• Deb- www.smoothiegirleatstoo.blogspot.com
You turned me on to NuNaturals and I use it every day. THANK YOU !

• Katie- www.ajoyinclass.wordpress.com
NuNaturals is my favorite, Too !!

• Alison- www.pennythoughts.wordpress.com
I have tried Stevia before, but nothing comes close to NuNaturals. This stuff rocks !!!

• Patia, Award Winning Writer - www.patiastephens.com
Have you tried NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia ? It’s really, really, good !!

• Kelly- www.coconutkelly.blogspot.com
NuNaturals NuStevia has proven to be a wonderfully sweet partner with my yerba mate tea. SCORE !
A match made in heaven ! The stevia inside is delish,,,,, Never bitter, which is a huge plus.

• Wendy- www.thelocalcook.com
I love the NuNaturals MoreFiber™ Stevia Baking Blend. I used it for making some pumpkin bread and it was so delicious !

• Jolene- www.everydayfoodiecanada.blogspot.com
I have used the Vanilla Liquid Stevia in my oatmeal many times. It’s good !

The NuStevia can be used anywhere you wish, it is great. There was NO bitter aftertaste.

• Elina- www.healthyandsane.com
I’ve been using the pure liquid clear Stevia in my morning coffee ever since receiving it.

• Heather- www.heathereatsalmondbutter.com
I’m all out of my NuStevia packets & dying for more. Love NuNaturals !

• Sarah - www.peasandthankyou.com
I love my NuNaturals, the BEST !!

• Amie Valpone, Nutritionist - www.thehealthyapple.com
I prefer to use NuNaturals Stevia for baking. It’s delicious !

• Danielle- www.runsongreen.com
I love NuNaturals because their Stevia isn’t bitter.

• Erika-
NuNaturals is my favorite brand of Stevia. I use it in smoothies, chia puddings, superfood fudge, nut milks ….. In so many things !

• Kady- www.livinlovinlearin.wordpress.com
I use NuNaturals Stevia almost every day in my oatmeal, hot cocoa, protein cakes, etc.

• Tess Moore-
I have tried other brands of Stevia but have always heard that NuNaturals is the best …. I’d like to try it for myself !

• Mimi Honeycutt-
I love using Stevia in everything and NuNaturals tastes a lot better than some others.

I’ve only recently tried NuNaturals – in some oatmeal, actually – and enjoyed it !

• Cara – www.carascravings.blogspot.com
I am newly obsessed with NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia drops. I love using it in oats or cottage cheese.

• Erica – www.oatsandtea.blogspot.com
I love NuNaturals Stevia. It’s the only one I’ve tried that isn’t bitter.

• Kyko – www.missraw.com
These products are AMAZING, seriously, I LOVE the Baking Blend, it made the BEST EVER gluten-free, Vegan cupcakes I’ve ever had. It’s good stuff !

• Sarah-
I love NuNaturals products ! They are the best for baking and also great in smoothies for a little touch of sweetness. YUM !

• Katie- www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com
Unlike some of the other brands on the market, NuStevia is not bitter at all and you can use less than other brands.

• Judy Castranova, Award Winning Cook - www.judyskitchen.blogspot.com
The NuNaturals Company has a technique for eliminating the bitter aftertaste that you get with most Stevia products.

I must admit the NuNaturals variety is less bitter.

• Susan Schenck, Author of "Live Food Factor" - www.basilandspice.com
This product is awesome and like no other Stevia I have tried. It is not only delicious, but also has NO aftertaste.

• Naomi, Certified Personal Trainer - www.onefitfoodie.com
NuStevia Packets, I love the subtle sweetness it gave to my caramel vanilla crème coffee.

• Katie- www.katiechangesforkatie.blogspot.com
Stevia is my sweetener of choice, and NuNaturals is my Brand of choice. Love this stuff !

• Junghwa Chung- www.blueskyworld.wordpress.com ( An Apple A Day )
NuNaturals has many products with Stevia. Their NuStevia powder can be used to sprinkle on cereal, and yogurt, as well as mixing with beverages. Their liquid is awesome. You can substitute their Nustevia Sweetener Baking Blend for sugar in most recipes. NuNaturals Stevia doe not have that weird aftertaste that I found in other company’s Stevia products.

• Rita Heikenfeld, Macy's Regional Culinary Professional - www.abouteating.com
I like the Stevia that NuNaturals offers. It doesn’t have the bitter after tones and is available in several varieties. NuNaturals uses only the highest quality herbs and nutrients to make their products.

• Dr. Janet Hull- www.askdrhull.com
One of the best Stevia product lines is by NuNaturals. Try some and I think you’ll be pleased.

• Sandy Breckenridge, Co-Owner of Heartcore Corporation - www.healthynewage.com
Stevia is wonderful and some of the best Stevia is actually from a Company out of Oregon, NuNaturals.
They offer a YUMMY Vanilla one !

• David Mendosa, Freelance Medical Writer & Diabetes Consultant - www.mendosa.com
You can get Stevia in three forms & I’ve tried them all. The most natural & least satisfactory is the powdered green form. You can buy Stevia in liquid form. My preferred way, which I think is also the most common way, is a white extract of Stevia. I’ve tried all the major Brands of Stevia & I prefer the NuNaturals NuStevia.

• Jimmy Moore, Host of Popular Podcast Show - www.livinlavidalowcarb.com
One Company is already out there leading the charge by providing delicious & healthy stevia-based products for people to enjoy. It’s NuNaturals & they have a full line of Stevia & Stevia Blends that will suit the tastes of anyone who is Livin’ La Vida low-carb. The quality of these products is unmistakable & I’ve tried many kinds of Stevia products that were supposed to taste good. Not even close !!

• Johnny from Florida-
Nustevia…..this is a great product. A little goes a long way. The bitterness I’ve heard about Stevia is absent in this product.

• Gina- www.veganstrong.blogspot.com
NuNaturals Baking Blend ….. The regular Banana Bread made with sugar made a slightly prettier loaf, however the Baking Blend version taste fantastic & I really couldn’t tell it wasn’t made with sugar. It was very much delicious !

• Natalia Rose, Nutritionist - www.detoxtheworld.com
I use and recommend NuNaturals White Stevia. It’s really good !

• Marisa- www.marisashealthykitchen.com
If you are not familiar with Stevia it is something great to check out. My favorite Brand is NuNaturals.

• Tantra Bensko, Author-
The Licorice Extract I prefer is by NuNaturals. They are a solid Company dedicated to using All-Natural ingredients, and their Liquid Licorice is specifically better. NuNaturals also has a Ginger Extract which tastes just as appealing & can be combined in your health regimen in creative ways.

• Giana- www.simplylifeblog.com
I’ve tried the Vanilla Stevia Extract in my oats & I’m loving it. I especially love the ease of dispensing the Vanilla from the Container.

• Terry Grossman, MD – www.rayandterry.com
Ray Kurzweil
We recommend trying Stevia, but make sure to use a blend without an after bite such as NuNaturals NuStevia™, the same high grade Stevia we use in our healthy Shake Mixes.

• Grace from California-
I use the NuNaturals White Stevia Powder ALL THE TIME ! I love using it in my coffee, tea, oats, cereal, and even to sweeten my homemade Marinara sauce. It’s the only Stevia I’ve tried that doesn’t have a funky aftertaste. YAY !

• Dr. Bill Rawls- www.soundsidehealthcare.com
For joint inflammation, I have discovered a unique product called Jointwell™ by NuNaturals and many of my patients report it has changed their life.

• D. Ross-
I did research and found NuNaturals LevelRight™ that contains just about everything that can help lower blood sugar levels. Onme week after adding this product to my exercise and diet program, my blood level went down to 96-98.

• Lynn Chen, Actress - www.actorsdiet.blogspot.com
I really like the NuNaturals Stevia line. It doesn’t have the nasty aftertaste like other Stevia products I’ve tried in the past.

• Jessie Bellis-
We have been using NuNaturals LevelRight™ for blood sugar management since 11/07. LevelRight™ has helped us to maintain a balanced-blood sugar level especially when eating fruits high in natural sugar or the occasional glass of wine.

• Solenne- www.wholepersonbalancedlife.blogspot.com
Many people don’t like Stevia that much because it’s true that there is a slight aftertaste. I have a few tips on how to avoid this ….get the right Brand. My favorite Brand of Stevia is NuNaturals. I cannot detect an aftertaste, plus it is SUPER sweet !

• Patia- www.community.apartmenttherapy.com
Those who don’t like the taste of Stevia might want to try NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid. ( I’m not affiliated ; just a fan ). It has a MUCH BETTER taste & is really yummy in plain yogurt.

• Tiffany- www.adantatslife.wordpress.com
I use the NuNaturals Liquid Stevia in EVERYTHING ! It’s so convenient to use & mixes right into cold or hot foods/beverages. I tried the NuStevia Sweetener™ Baking Blend & couldn’t tell the difference between the Stevia and white sugar.

• Gina, Dietician - www.candidrd.com
I added NuNaturals Sweet Health™ Erythritol Crystals to my Kefir™ with some unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa powder. I gave it a nice shake, and boy did it taste delicious.

• Heather- www.wheres-the-beach.blogspot.com
I love NuNaturals, SO GOOD !

• Katie Farrell- www.dashingdish.com
This is by far me favorite Brand of Stevia because it tastes almost identical to sugar without the calories, carbs, and the spikes in blood sugar. Unlike many other Stevia Brands out there NuNaturals doesn’t have any bitter after-taste.

• Heather- www.wheres-the-beach.blogspot.com
I love NuNaturals, SO GOOD !

• Katie Farrell- www.dashingdish.com
This is by far my favorite Brand of Stevia because it tastes almost identical to sugar without the calories, carbs, and the spikes in blood sugar. Unlike many other Stevia Brands out there NuNaturals doesn’t have any bitter after-taste.

• Elizabeth – I love squeezing lemon into sparkling water & adding a few drops of NuNaturals Stevia. I like to toss a bunch of field greens with lemon juice & add a few drops of NuNaturals Stevia and then add red onion & avocado. My favorite salad ever, I also like adding a few drops of NuNaturals Stevia to my green lemonade (celery or cucumber + parsley or cilantro + lemon. These are the ways I use NuNaturals Stevia every single day.

• Mandy Unruh, Personal Chef – www.mandysmeals.com
Sweetened my yogurt with NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia. Love it ! It doesn’t have any alcohol taste, which some other brands have a tendency to have. Very impressed !

• Chef Rachel Matesz, Cookbook Author – www.thehealthycookingcoach.com
When cooking with Stevia I use the Pure Stevia Extract Powder with NO additives. My favorite is NuNaturals.

•Patrice – www.everydayruralty.com
I have used Stevia for several years so I can cut back on sugar. I love it. My favorite brand is NuNaturals. My favorite products are the small packets and the liquid Stevia. I have recently discovered their Vanilla Stevia liquid. It’s alcohol free & isn’t bitter. I love it in my yogurt.

•Linda Wagner – Nutrition Coach www.lindawagner.net
If you’re looking for a great tasting Stevia that actually tastes like sugar and not like aspartame, NuNaturals is the BEST ! A total life changer for me ! They have NuNaturals Stevia in liquid, packets, and an assortment of flavors along with a wide variety of other health supplements.

•Gina – www.veggie-couture.blogspot.com
I just switched from artificial sweeteners to NuNaturals and I’m loving it !

•Amazon Store Purchasers –
BEST SWEETENER ON THE MARKET ! I am a diabetic and when I use this product my fasting blood sugars stay normal. I would recommend this to any type 2 diabetics out there. It makes life easier for those of us with diabetes.
THEY DID IT ! I haven’t in the past liked Stevia. The NuNaturals product is sweet without the weird flavor. It doesn’t take much to sweeten either.
BEST STEVIA PRODUCT I’VE FOUND ! I’ve been using NuNaturals Clear Stevia for years after trying other brands. This is the best liquid Stevia product I’ve found.

• Iris – www.thedailydietribe.com
I waited a long time, but eventually I caved and bought some powdered Stevia. It was the best cooking/baking investment I’ve made in a while. Stevia & I are best buddies, and I’m pretty happy with that. When I find a product I believe in, I want to share it with all of you & thanks to NuNaturals, I can do that.

• Rande M – www.thevegetablecentrickitchen.com
If you’ve been put off by Stevia in the past, NuNaturals Brand really is the best !

• Carina – Wilmington, DE
Best Stevia, beats all other sweeteners ! I use it for hot/cold beverages, cereals, on fruit, anything I would use sugar in. Does not create carb-carving ! NuStevia VS ALL other available sweeteners, NO comparison ! Uses smaller amounts so the price is comparable to others. I have lost 48 lbs. So far and this product has played a big part in the process.

• Whitneywill – Nashville, TN
Best sweetener you can find besides using sugar. NuNaturals tastes great, easy to carry with me. No bitter after taste at all. I can give it to my kids without worrying about undesirable side effects. You have to try it to believe it !

• Crazy Bird Lady – Azle, TX
NuStevia is the best Stevia sweetener supplement I’ve found so far. Easy to use, effective, natural sweetener.

• K the mom - Brooklyn, NY
I find this Stevia is the least bitter of any I’ve tried. Taste great, no calories…..How can you go wrong !

• Autumn1023 - Pennsylvania
Good taste, no bad after taste. I have been using this as my regular sugar substitute and actually feel I am using sugar.

• Chrissyjo - New York
Does not leave an after taste, like some sweeteners do.

• Iced Tea Lover - Nashville, TN
My husband had to make dietary changes because of diabetes, however he still loves his sweet tea. He tried all the artificial sweeteners, but could not tolerate the bad after taste. Tried NuNaturals Stevia and he loves it. Much better than the other Brands of Stevia on the market.

• Mrs. T - Pennsylvania
I used this product in iced Green Tea and it taste great !

• Cynthia - Cape Elizabeth, ME
I use NuStevia in my morning coffee. It’s the best tasting I’ve found. Many others have a bitter after taste. Very satisfied with NuNaturals.

• Atkins fan - Virginia
I use 1 packet NuStevia in my decaffeinated iced coffee with cream….it’s delicious. I have been on the Atkins diet for one year & sugar is out since I’m a diabetic. Some artificial sweeteners gave me headaches, but NuStevia does not. With NuStevia, now I have something tasty to drink other than water.

• Fran - Los Angeles, CA
I have gone through over 10 boxes of this brand of Stevia. I have replaced all sugar substitutes with this one which works equally well in cold beverages as well as hot. We carry it to restaurants, too.

• Dustin - Amherst, OH
This is the best Stevia product I’ve tried out of 3 different ones. I think it tastes great, and best of all, NO clumping, also the least bitter one in my opinion.

• Lynnie - Coppell, TX
One packet will last me 4 or 5 cups of tea. I love that it’s natural. I use it in my kids drinks, too.
I love this stuff and give samples to everyone I care about.

• Susannah - Baltimore, MD
Not as sweet as artificial sweeteners and completely natural. There are also No-Carb versions available for people who are very closely watching their carb intake. I love this stuff !

• Keakakui - Depoe Bay, OR
Best Stevia we’ve found. Our all-around favorite for ease of use, lack of bitter after taste and
Transportability, carry in purse for use away from home.

• DP - Bangkok, Thailand
After gastric bypass surgery, I needed to avoid sugar. When I discovered Stevia I was thrilled. The NuNaturals Brand has no bitter after taste like others.

• Healthy Ann - Westport, WA
Daily use easy, no bitter after taste. Curbs my appetite . Recommended !

• AJY TPCV - Cardiff By The Sea, CA
NuNaturals White Stevia packets are my favorite Brand and form of Stevia. It dissolves quickly, and well, in both hot & cold liquids. I can use less than a packet and “Get it Right”.

• Jennifer – www.whatwouldjendo.com
I have really enjoyed using NuNaturals and would recommend them to anyone who wants to cut sugar or artificial sweetener out of their diet.

• Giuliana H. – www.lovelyhealthylife.wordpress.com
I use a lot of Stevia in my recipes. My favorite supplier of Stevia is NuNaturals. I prefer them because their Stevia is high quality, gluten-free, and free of obnoxious additives that some other Stevia brands contain. If you haven’t tried Stevia before, I highly recommend them

• Kara - www.peaceloveandfood.com
I tried the Quick Dissolve tabs and they aren’t kidding when they say quick dissolve….these babies disappear in an instant. One tab was sweet enough without being too sweet. I was very happy with NuNaturals Stevia products.

• Jami Kotera – Nebraska www.amazon.com
I have experimented with many Stevia products and this is by far the best I have used. Most other brands have a bitter taste to them, but this does not. It also does not require much to get the sweetness desired. I love it ! It’s the only Stevia product I buy now.

• Ruby Z – Wisconsin www.amazon.com
I have tried most of the Stevia brands available and this is my favorite. It has a “clean” sweet flavor without bitterness. It takes less than other brands so I found I had to start with just a little and adjust to taste. Because I’m using so little, it’s an especially good value.

• Kristy – www.amazon.com
Best sugar substitute, best Stevia product. I’ve tried a number of Stevia products and this one is the closest to the taste of cane sugar. It doesn’t have a funny taste like others do. If you’re looking for a sugar substitute, look no further.

• T. Dorner - Buckley, WA www.amazon.com
This product is all that it is advertised to be. No bitterness and high concentration of sweetness. I am a satisfied customer.

• Daisy “ Fitness Chick “ - www.amazon.com
I love this form of Stevia. I was a former Splenda™ addict and was able to make the switch to this healthier alternative & I really like the taste and sweetness. I highly recommend this product.

• Anon A Mouse “ Musicmee “ - www.amazon.com
I tried Stevia years ago, and it did nothing for me. But, NuStevia is better than all the artificial sweeteners & it’s healthier too. I love sweets & I can use less of NuStevia than the pink,blue, or yellow stuff, and still be satisfied.

• Gina – www.simplylifeblog.com
My favorite products are the Vanilla Stevia Liquid and Cocoa Bean Extract. I also love being able to carry their individual packets with me to use in my morning coffee at work as well as home. Their Quick Dissolving Tabs offer an incredibly simple & clean-free way to add a bit of sweetness to your cup of coffee or other beverage of choice.

• Selina – www.creativejuicesdecor.blogspot.com
I am a huge fan of Stevia, in fact I use it on everything from my oatmeal to plain yogurt, to all of my baked goodies. NuNaturals happen to be my favorite Brand.

• Katie Thornbery – www.gfreemadeeasy.com Loving NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend, It works cup for cup with sugar. Even used it to replace honey and the recipe still turned out moist !

• Sara S. – www.nourishandflourish.com

I LOVE NuNaturals ! It’s by far the best Stevia on the market. I add it to coffee, yogurt, cottage cheese, & even use it to make sweet salad dressings. I made sure to bring those packets on my vacation.

• Kristen P – www.followingfit.com

I am in LOOOVE with the Vanilla Stevia. I put it in my oats every morning & put it in my yogurt at night. I’ve even been known to make sweet egg whites with it.

• Lindsay C. – www.cottercrunch.com

I love NuNaturals. Such a good product !

• Deb – www.smoothiegirleatstoo.blogspot.com

I’m dizzy with all the Stevia products flooding the market, however I do love NuNaturals.

• Kristina B – www.spabetty.com

Many of the NuNaturals products satisfy your sweet tooth without raising blood sugar levels, and LevelRight™ is formulated with the right vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutraceuticals to actually manage blood sugar. I used the MoreFiber™ Baking Blend & the recipe turned out great. Their Vanilla Stevia Liquid is my favorite, and they even have two great energy products, Mental Energy, & Extra Energy. LOVE THEM BOTH !

• Cara – www.eatprayandrun.com
I use the NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid in my coffee, oats, yogurt, & baked goods too!
The stuff is hard to beat !

• Caronae H – www.caronae.com
I love, love, love, NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid. It is incredible in tea, cocoa, etc. I am dreading the day my bottle runs out. It is just the perfect sweetener, and you only need a few drops of it to really take a dessert to the next level.

• Kristi – www.hersweetcheeks.wordpress.com
I love NuNaturals because they have the best tasting Stevia I have tried.

• Jenn – www.j3nn.net
I love NuNaturals. They don’t leave a bitter aftertaste like other Stevia products. I like adding their packets to water & lemon juice, makes a DELICIOUS lemonade. I add their liquid Stevia to just about anything that can be sweetened.

• Kristi R – www.motherrimmy.com
I’ve tried the NuStevia™ packets in my coffee and was surprised that there wasn’t an aftertaste . I was pleased with the taste. I used the MoreFiber™ Baking Blend with added fiber in muffins, they were light & tender – as good as any muffin I’ve made in the past.

• Mindy – www.thepurposedheart.com
There are many Brands of Stevia available, but the only kind that I have found that I like is NuNaturals. It does not leave a bitter after taste like some of the other Brands I’ve tried. It doesn’t have any calories and is completely natural.

• Amanda – www.nutritionistreviews.com
NuNaturals Stevia is definitely the BEST !

• Irene W. – www.westwardboundmom.blogspot.com
I was recently diagnosed with diabetes & have been struggling with making sure that I keep my blood sugar down. I will not have that problem anymore now that I have tried NuStevia™ from NuNaturals.
I would gladly recommend this Company to anyone even if you are not diabetic.

• Emily – www.extraordinarymoments.wordpress.com
I love Stevia ! NuNaturals is definitely the best kind of Stevia, I use it every morning in my coffee.

• Naomi – www.dragonmamma-dragoncave.blogspot.com
Even though I’ve always HATED Stevia in the past, but I trusted other’s recommendations for NuNaturals Liquid Vanilla Stevia, and I LIKE IT ! I’ve been using the drops in my coffee & tea everyday.

• Kris – www.everydayoats.wordpress.com
I just recently tried NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid drops & I’ve been loving it in my coffee.

• Kelsey A - www.unmitigatedgrub.com
I’m a big fan of NuNaturals !

• Anna – www.newlywednewlyveg.com
I’m a big Stevia fan. It took me a while – but once I discovered NuNaturals, I was HOOKED !

• Kelly – www.foodiefresh.com
I’ve been using Stevia for a while in certain things, but often find it leaves a bitter taste in baked goods. Now I’ve used the NuNaturals Baking Blend and Cocoa Bean Extract and loving these two products.

• Lana – www.anotherhealthyhabit.com
I used the NuNaturals MoreFiber™ Baking Blend and it has made it’s way into all my recipes lately & I’m loving it. It is All-Natural , zero grams of sugar, & zero calories. It makes a bread with great nutritional stats.

• Lisa – www.thrive-style.com
My favorite way to use Stevia is the NuNaturals Brands, and I really love them. They have a lot of different flavors & forms … powder & liquid, ( my fave is liquid) , Cocoa Bean Extract, Vanilla flavored, alcohol free, and a Baking Blend.

• Stefanie – www.the-new-healthy.com
I absolutely love NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid. I use it everyday in iced tea and coffee.

• Nicole S, Dietitian, C. D., Seattle, Wa.
I’ve tested your products in several recipes, as well as in smoothies & hot beverages, and I’m certainly convinced that the NuNaturals products are the best sugar alternative on the market right now. I would not hesitate to recommend your line of products to any of my clients.

• Victoria – www.pursuitofhippieness.com
I use NuStevia™ in EVERYTHING – oatmeal, coffee, ( especially vanilla iced coffee ) , and I love NuStevia™ because it’s non-bitter…. It’s the only Brand I use !!!

• Gina – www.veggie-couture.blogspot.com
I love NuNaturals ! I use the Vanilla Stevia Liquid , in like everything !

• Jody G – www.truth2beingfit.com
I have fallen in love with NuNaturals products. I have compared other Brands to it but they just DO NOT compare ! Check out their Baking products also.

• iHerb buyer from Idaho –
REALLY LOVE NUNATURALS Vanilla Stevia Liquid. The real vanilla extract used in it makes all the difference !

• iHerb buyer from Israel –
NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid, EXCELLENT !!

• iHerb buyer from Missouri –
The NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia is very good and has a more Vanilla taste than Sweet Leaf.

• iHerb buyer from Republic of Korea –
I was nervous to order this product as I have never used flavored Stevia before, but the NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid is great ! Not bitter at all & has a wonderful Vanilla flavor.

• iHerb buyer from Mississippi –
I love NuNaturals & their Vanilla Stevia is wonderful.

• iHerb buyer from Florida –
I am a huge fan of Stevia & NuNaturals is the best Brand. The Vanilla Stevia is very tasty ! I also appreciate that they sell alcohol-free liquid Stevia.

• iHerb buyer from Norway –
NuNaturals, SUPER PRODUCT ! Good taste, & NO “artificial” or bi-taste. I’m 100% satisfied.

• iHerb buyer from Great Britain –
NuNaturals, very pleasant, has all the taste & the Vanilla is sublime !

• iHerb buyer from Indiana –
NuNaturals has the best liquid Stevia. I can use less than other brands, it lasts longer, & tastes better !

• iHerb buyer from Finland –
NuNaturals, excellent taste, no side-taste at all, just pure sweetness, as good as sugar. If you want Stevia, use this one !

• iHerb buyer from Norway –
NuNaturals, nice taste, no funny after-taste, great in egg milk & baking.

• iHerb buyer from Alaska –
YUMMY NuNaturals. I make my own diet cream soda & put about 20 drops of the Vanilla Stevia Liquid in 8 oz. club soda and YUM, YUM !

• iHerb buyer from Finland –
Delicious carbohydrate- free sweetener, really nice for diabetics. I have fallen in love with their Vanilla Stevia Liquid.

• iHerb buyer from Ireland –
NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia. I like this product very much because it contains NO alcohol & grapefruit seed extract, and the taste is good.

• iHerb buyer from Norway –
NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid …… this is a brilliant product that I already have recommended to other people.

• Tami – www.nutmegnotebook.com
I love NuNaturals Stevia products & the Vanilla Stevia drops are my all time favorite for flavoring yogurt.

• Matt T. – www.theathletesplate.com
I’ve been a fan of NuNaturals for a while now because it’s the only Stevia that I’ve come across that doesn’t have a funky after-taste. I’ve tried several other Brands in the past & they have always tasted like chemicals. The Vanilla drops are wonderful in coffee.

• Kate – www.ahealthypassion.com
Of all the Stevia Brands I have tried so far, NuNaturals is my absolute favorite.

• Charlotte – www.thegreatfitnessexperiment.com
I love this stuff ! NuNaturals is definitely my favorite calorie-free sweetener and the only one I don’t feel guilty about using

• Alison – www.peachesandfootball.wordpress.com
I love Stevia and NuNaturals is my favorite Brand.

• Sable – www.squatlikealady.com
NuNaturals, these products are AMAZING, and the Company is SO, SO, IMPRESSIVE !

• Chef Katelyn – www.chefkatelyn.com
One of my favorite alternatives to sugar is Stevia. NuStevia™ is by far my favorite Brand of Stevia, and
they even make a blend for baking.

• Cait M – www.beyond-bananas.com
NuNaturals !! Just as marketed – not all Stevias are created equal. I’ve been having so much fun playing with NuStevia in my kitchen. The granola I made with it was great & so were the Sunflower Seed Butter cookies I made. There is something unique about the taste of NuNaturals & I love that there are so many great options as liquids, packets, tablets, & Baking Blends. The possibilities are truly endless !!

• Ed N. –
I am excited to try NuNaturals because the buzz on this product has been phenomenal .

• Katy Widrick –Executive Producer – www.growingbolder.com
Your products, especially the liquid drops have seriously changed my life ! I don’t use artificial sweeteners, so I really count on products like yours that allow me to sweeten things without putting junk in my body.

• C. Gilbert –
Best Stevia I’ve ever tasted. It’s not bitter at all & will really satisfy those lingering sugar cravings. It dissolves well in beverages, too. A little goes a long way so this bottle will last a long time. Don’t suffer through the bitterness of other Brands. This is the only Stevia I’ll buy !

• Jess – www.healthyexposuresblog.com
I love NuNaturals ! I was surprised to find I liked it so much when I first tried it. I was expecting a weird aftertaste, but NO, not there ! I love adding the Cocoa Extract drops to iced coffee & it’s great for chia pudding too.

• Lori –

I love Stevia. I use it in my coffee & greek yogurt. I have just tried baking with it & made some excellent muffins off of the NuNaturals website.

• Jamie G –
I love NuNaturals Stevia. I’ve tried several Brands and appreciate NuNaturals lack of aftertaste and
NO-ALCOHOL options.

• Ana – www.kitchenspace.blogspot.com
Stevia is my sweetener of choice for all things and NuNaturals is by far the best one I have tried.

• Shirley B. – www.glutenfreeeasily.com
I really like NuNaturals Stevia , just like everyone else. I use the packets in my tea, ( great for travel ) and the liquid in recipes.

• Beth –
I love NuNaturals Stevia ! I tried it once and loved it, and haven’t been able to find a decent substitute.

• Alisa F. – www.alisacooks.com
I’ve tried a few Stevia products and NuNaturals has been my favorite by far ! Just a drop or two here, or a generous dash there, and my food transitions to the perfect sweetness without the extra sugars.

• Carol S. –
Recently the GNC Manager gave me a couple ounces of water with a drop of NuNaturals Stevia Liquid & I was thrilled to find it sweet and not weird tasting later.

• Alli S. –
I love using Stevia to make frozen fruit sorbet in my Vita Mix . Frozen fruit chunks, water, & Stevia. Yummy, fat-free creamy goodness. NuNaturals is the BEST !!

• Jean R. H. –
I purchased the 12 oz. jar of NuNaturals Stevia about a month ago, and I am SO IMPRESSED ! It is the one Stevia that is not bitter & at a great price.

• Anne J. – www.myzenpulse.com
I had been tolerating the Stevia aftertaste and then I discovered NuNaturals Stevia products. OH MY it is better ! AMAZING PRODUCTS ! Love the Vanilla Stevia Liquid & Cocoa Bean Extract.

• Sonia – www.masterofherromaine.blogspot.com
I love putting NuNaturals in my coffee. This is the only Brand I can handle. Tried others & they tasted like chemical nastiness.

• Alain –
NuNaturals is the only Brand of Stevia that I tried and loved.

• G. G. Dubois – www.itiswhatitisgg.blogspot.com
OMG !! I adore, adore, adore NuNaturals Stevia. I use it every single day. TRULY AMAZING, ENJOY IT !! I am hooked for life & been using your Stevia for the past 8 years. I replaced sugar with NuNaturals because your products fill that void tremendously well.

• Lee B. – www.inmytummy.com
For a while I was experimenting with different Brands of Stevia trying to find one that didn’t have a bitter aftertaste. It took a while, but I found my favorite : NuNaturals ! I’ve been putting a packet in my coffee every morning & sweeten plain greek yogurt. I even sent a few packets to my mom so she could try it.

• Helen – www.helennaturally.wordpress.com
Thankfully there is a little thing called Stevia. Now I know what many of you are thinking …. Stevia leaves a bitter aftertaste. I felt the same way when I first tried it. I went through three different Brands before giving up. Fortunately I now have some of the NuNaturals products. I was very pleased to discover that these products DO NOT leave the nasty bitterness in your mouth when eating foods sweetened with them. This equals one happy girl !

• Erika H – www.sweatanddirt.wordpress.com
I absolutely love all your products especially the Vanilla Stevia Liquid & White Stevia Powder. I also really appreciate all the information & recipes, so helpful. It’s great to find a Company that cares about their customers.

• Katie – www.healthydivaeats.com
These products are my MUST HAVE ! Nothing else compares. I used to use Truvia, and I can not believe how much better this is compared to it. I will always buy this from now on. Used it in my coffee, tea, oatmeal, smoothies, protein cookies, and more. The Liquid Vanilla Stevia….Heaven in a bottle !
This stuff is so good, so many uses, you have me hooked !

• Heather – www.kissmybroccoliblog.com
I just recently tried NuNaturals Stevia for the first time and WOW ! I had no idea how much better it was compared to other Brands. I love adding it to oats and coffee.

• Kelly – www.whatkellysaid.com
I LOVE the NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend. It is perfect for everything, not just baking. I sprinkle it over my cereal or in yogurt…..REALLY GOOD !

• Erica – www.itzyskitchen.com
I really love NuNaturals packets ! they are perfect in coffee.

• Leena – www.leenaloca.wordpress.com
This is the first time using NuNaturals Baking Blend, and I really liked it. It’s all natural, isn’t harmful to your health like some sweeteners can be. Needless to say, this product ROCKS ! I also enjoy using the Vanilla Stevia Liquid. This has a great vanilla flavor, and definitely tastes all natural, unlike the imitation extracts that you can get at the grocery store.

• Lisa R., Dietitian – www.healthfulsense.com
I was highly skeptical of trying Stevia products at first because frankly my experience with Stevia in the past was not good. I didn’t care for the bitter aftertaste that it left in my mouth. But NuNaturals Stevia has lived up to their “ NON-BITTER “ claim. It was pleasantly sweet without the bitter aftertaste.

• Allison R., Dietitian – www.pickyeatingrd.com

I have been using Stevia for quite some time with some good experiences & some bad. The good news is that NuNaturals products do not leave that bad taste in your mouth. Safe to say NuNaturals Stevia rocked my world !

• Leah – www.whydeprive.com
The NuNaturals NuStevia™ products have been receiving great reviews all over the Blog World, so I decided to try them out. Once I had them and tried it just with my finger and I’m not sure how to describe the taste other than “SWEET”. A little bit goes a long way. It definitely didn’t have that gross aftertaste that a lot of the chemical sweeteners have. I also tried the MoreFiber™ Baking Blend with some peanut butter balls and they were awesome.

• Lauren D. – www.wholewheatorbust.wordpress.com
I am a huge fan of Stevia. I have tried almost every Brand out there and I can honestly say that NuNaturals is the BEST ! Most other Brands have a bitter aftertaste or just taste a lil’ funky. NuNaturals is also the only Brand I have been able to easily bake with. Their MoreFiber™ Baking Blend can be used in the same amounts as sugar, so you don’t have to do any crazy conversions or substitutions.

• Abby W. – www.eatdrinkandbeaware.blogspot.com
I use Stevia in my cup of “Joe” daily and have fallen in love with NuNaturals NuStevia™ packets & their Liquid Stevia.

• Elizabeth Jarrard, Registered Dietitian – www.dontwhitesugarcoatit.com
My personal sweetener of choice is Stevia. I love that it is plant based & doesn’t raise blood sugar levels like sugar. I’ve tried most of the other Brands – Truvia, Stevia-In-The-Raw, & Stevita, but NuNaturals beats any, and ALL taste tests.

• Aunt Jayne Aston – www.glutenfreewithauntjayne.wordpress.com
I’ve been using the MoreFiber™ Baking Blend in all my baking and substituted the entire sugar amount and no one could taste a difference. The flavor of the recipes is NOT compromised at all and there is no bitter aftertaste. This product has just become a staple in my home. Their Vanilla Liquid Stevia is truly an amazing product. This is a product you MUST TRY . You will not know how you ever lived without it. The Quick Dissolve Tablets are marvelous tabs for a premeasured serving. They are great to take with you to restaurants or anywhere just like the NuStevia™ packets.

• Tami K. – www.nutmegnotebook.com
I am a big fan of NuNaturals & discovered all Stevia products are NOT created equal. Some are so bitter they leave a very displeasing aftertaste long after eating them. I am happy to say I have not had any bitter taste from the NuNaturals Brand. If you have tried Stevia in the past & didn’t like it, I would highly recommend the NuNaturals Stevia products. One of my favorites is the Vanilla Stevia drops, I absolutely love them !

• Katie F. – www.dashingdish.com
I love this Brand of Stevia, because after trying many Brands out there, it’s the only one that I can say doesn’t have a funny aftertaste & it tastes just like sugar.

• Kelly B. – www.laughterstrengthfood.com
I’m totally loving your Stevia products ! Especially the Vanilla drops. I have been substituting NuNaturals for sugar in a lot of my baking and have also been adding the sweetened flavor drops to my oatmeal & tea and been loving them.

• Erin T. – www.thegrassskirtblog.com
My all time favorite Brand of Stevia is NuNaturals because of the fact that their products have no aftertaste, at all ! I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I am with your Stevia Liquid. I’ve been telling everyone who I know all about it and I am just singing the praises of NuNaturals. I use both the powder & liquids everyday, & I promise they are amazing. I’m just a girl in love with these products & these are my true opinions.

• Meghan- Certified Health Coach – www.detoxinista.com
I am very picky about my Stevia and NuNaturals is one of my very favorite Brands. NuNaturals Brand doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste, like many other Stevia products on the market, so it’s perfect in just about anything.

• Lauren – www.saywhatyouneedtosayblog.com
NuNaturals is a fantastic company that sales a multitude of Stevia based products, and I am a big fan of their products.

• Jenny H. – www.fitnesshealthandfood.com
Thank you so much for NuNaturals NuStevia products. I am already completely obsessed with them and have been touting their deliciousness. Seriously, I finally know what all the fuss is about . NuNaturals, you are geniuses !

• Ari – www.thediva-dish.com
I love NuNaturals. I have been putting them in cookies and baked goods. Brings such a sweet taste without adding tons of sugar.

• Carrie – www.movesnmunchies.wordpress.com
I love NuNaturals !! They are the BEST !! I use their stuff everyday in my oats & cottage cheese and everything to sweeten.

• Lindsay – www.livinglindsay.com
I’ve tried other Brands of Stevia & found them to be quite bitter with an unpleasant aftertaste. In contrast, NuStevia offers the perfect amount of sweetness, without the bitterness and the aftertaste. My favorite is the Liquid Vanilla Drops. Their MoreFiber Baking Blend is an AWESOME addition to baked goods and an easy way to cut back on sugar in a recipe without sacrificing the sweetness.

Christin – www.purplebirdblog.com
• I use NuNaturals daily in my coffee & tea and I’m madly in love with the MoreFiber Baking Blend as well. They are definitely the SUPER Stevia Company in my mind.

• Tina R. – www.faithfitnessfun.com
I really loved the MoreFiber Baking Blend because it not only cuts down on the use of sugar, but it also adds fiber….without any effects to the recipe’s taste or texture. The Stevia Liquid Drops or the NuStevia Quick Dissolve tabs have been my GO-TO way of sweetening up my morning iced coffee.

• Alex – www.spoonfulofsugarfree.com
I made Brownies with NuStevia & they were a hit ! Everyone loved them. The Alcohol-Free Stevia drops taste great ! You only need a few drops because it is very powerful. They also have a new Cocoa Extract drop that tastes like chocolate.

• Liz – www.iheartvegetables.wordpress.com
I love Stevia and NuNaturals is fantastic ! The little droppers are so easy to stir into Greek yogurt or smoothies. LOVE IT !!

• Miranda – www.untamedkitchen.blogspot.com
I love NuNaturals. I use Stevia in everything that needs a little sweetener.

• Jessica – www.dishinaboutnutrition.wordpress.com
I really looked forward to trying your products & once I got the sugar conversions figured out, I was very happy with the taste. This stuff is several times sweeter than sugar so you have to be very careful. I like that it doesn’t have a bad aftertaste like many artificial sweeteners have.

• Dr. Christiane Northup – www.drnorthrup.com
Several years ago I replaced all the artificial sweeteners in my diet with a sweet herb known as Stevia. Stevia is ALL-NATURAL, has no side effects, no calories, & doesn’t raise insulin levels. I have sought out a number of different Brands and my favorite has been NuNaturals Stevia.

• Stephanie –
Being a Diabetic, I now have the pleasure of treating myself to “Sweet” things by using NuNaturals Stevia products without the threat of being overdosed by natural sugars. The Vanilla Stevia Liquid is very aromatic & enhances everything from cookies to French Toast. I even like to put a drop of it onto a light bulb for an exciting “ Just Baked Aroma”.

• Julie B. – www.mommasays.net
NuNaturals Stevia products are awesome ! I am sure you will like them. Not only are they good products, it is a Company with heart. NuStevia™ is definitely on my “MOMMA MUST HAVES” list because of the Company itself & the products are such a better alternative for our family.

• Emma R. – United Kingdom - www.sweettoothrunner.com
I had never tried Stevia before using NuNaturals. I love that Stevia sweetens foods whilst maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. I’ve heard Stevia tastes bitter, but NuNaturals NuStevia™ didn’t taste bitter to me at all. Their MoreFiber™ Baking Blend is a GREAT substitute for sugar in recipes. The Stevia drops go a very long way ! Just one or two in pretty much anything is all you need !

• Renee P. – www.mykitchenadventures1.blogspot.com
I was excited to try your MoreFiber™ Stevia Baking Blend ….. Well I did half of my Apple Spice Muffins with granulated sugar & used the MoreFiber Baking Blend to replace the sugar in the other half. The result made with the MoreFiber was OUTSTANDING ! You could not tell the difference between the two batches of muffins in looks or taste, plus using this product bumped up the fiber content considerably ! FIBER = HAPPY !

• Selina H – www.creativejuicesdecor.blogspot.com
NuNaturals Stevia has a great taste with NO bitterness ! I am so used to the flavor that I honestly can tell you I prefer it over sugar.

• Tara – www.xcfoodie.wordpress.com
I LOVE NuNaturals, OMG the Liquid Vanilla Stevia is AWESOME !!

• Min Hee Song – www.happilymaintaining.tumblr.com
I used to use Splenda, even if it had that weird bitter aftertaste, before I discovered NuNaturals Stevia. I LOVE THEM ! I will never go back to artificial sweeteners. Honestly, these products are things that I’ll probably buy for the rest of my life. I don’t need sugar in my life, but I need Stevia !

• Jessica, United Kingdom – www.almostovernow.com
Initially I thought I hated Stevia, but then I discovered NuNaturals and it was like a totally different product ! I have terrible problems with hypoglycemia and blood sugar fluctuations, so NuNaturals is brilliant for me !

• Lauren – www.teeneatlive.wordpress.com
I am a huge NuNaturals Stevia lover ! I put it in everything from oatmeal to drinks to brownies. It’s pretty much perfect in everything !

• Brittany T. – www.delightsanddelectables.wordpress.com
Last night I made Peach Apple Cobbler with the MoreFiber Stevia Baking Blend. I am loving it !

• Joanne - www.applecrumbes.com
I’m not wanting to sound like an advertisement for NuStevia products, but I am such a huge fan and amazed, bedazzled, and down right floored with these products. I absolutely love the NuNaturals Quick Dissolve Stevia Tabs. Works GREAT in my coffee.

• Alison - www.peachesandfootball.wordpress.com
I love the regular NuNaturals for making small items. NuNaturals is definitely awesome !

• Jessie Ann - www.jessieannjames.com
I love NuNaturals Stevia ! I’ve been using it in my baking and meals and have found great success with it.

• Rhia Marie - www.rhiamariemakeup.com
Just tried the NuNaturals Stevia and I’m hooked !

• Selina H. - www.creativejuicesdecor.blogspot.com
NuNaturals Cocoa Bean Extract was a huge hit at my house ! It is now my 4 year old daughter’s FAVORITE treat when I use it to make healthy hot chocolate or chocolate milk.

• Ellen R. – www.ucrunnereats.wordpress.com
I absolutely love NuNaturals products, especially my Vanilla Liquid Stevia drops. I probably use it at least once a day.

• Katie F. – www.runsforcookies.com
I tried the MoreFiber Stevia Baking Blend making some cookies & was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked them, plus my husband & kids really liked them. I tried a different Brand of Stevia in the past & was not a fan. I’ve been using the packets & liquids in my tea and think they are FANTASTIC !

• Anna W. - www.theguiltlesslife.wordpress.com
I didn’t like my previous experience of cooking with Stevia in the past because of the slightly bitter aftertaste. I had a really pleasant surprise when I cooked with NuNaturals products. I made an Orange Sour Cream Bundt Cake with the MoreFiber Baking Blend & trust me, this cake was NOT BITTER !

• Jackie M. - www.thatdeepbreath.com
The NuStevia products don’t leave a strange aftertaste and are 100% natural. A little goes a long way, so the products last longer than sugar. The MoreFiber Stevia Baking Blend was awesome ! Not only did it add sweetness, but fiber too ! You really couldn’t tell there was an absence of whole sugar. DELISH !

• Lindsey K., Canada - www.arunningtale.com
I put a few drops of your Vanilla Stevia in my coffee & it added the perfect amount of sweetness without tasting fake or bitter. I love your recipes. I made the Vegan Almond Joy Bars, took them to my work, and they passed the taste test. A real crowd pleaser.

• K. Dibello -
I have tried your product & I couldn’t be happier with it. I was always a little intimidated by Stevia …. I didn’t know much about it, but I feel so much better choosing this sweetener over other fake or refined sugars. Plus, it tastes great ! I look forward to buying your products for years to come. You’ve earned yourself a new loyal customer.

• Meg S. – www.thecollegiatecook.blogspot.com
1st off that NuNaturals Liquid Stevia Vanilla is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I use it in my oatmeal, coffee, and the best ….. in my Greek Yogurt !

• Lauren – www.diaryofavegangirl.blogspot.com
I love this Stevia and I use it in everything I need to sweeten. I especially love to use it every morning in my coffee.

• Aine F. of Ireland - www.somethingtochewover.blog.com
I’m really impressed with your products and made a great tasting Cinnamon & Vanilla Apple Sauce.
I had some cooking apples that were quite bitter & needed a lot of sweetness added, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try the NuNaturals Liquid Vanilla Stevia to make apple sauce. WELL, this apple sauce is really good served plain or added to hot oats, yogurt, rice pudding, or custard.

• Lauren – www.diaryofavegan.blogspot.com
I love this Stevia & I use it in everything I need to sweeten. I especially love to use it every morning in my coffee.

• Meg S. - www.thecollegiatecook.blogspot.com
1st off that NuNaturals Stevia Vanilla Liquid is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I use it in my oatmeal, coffee, and the best ….. in my Greek Yogurt !

• Lauren - www.teeneatlive.wordpress.com
I absolutely love the Vanilla Stevia drops & the TO-GO packets , plus I always have some in my purse just in case to make something sweeter. The MoreFiber Baking Blend works wonderfully as a sugar replacement & tastes great too ! This blend is perfect for people who have trouble getting fiber…..they can get it in their morning baked goods. YUM !

• Tammy B. – www.ourkrazykitchen.com
I have to say that every NuNaturals product I have tried is excellent . I am A TOTAL CONVERT !

• Ruby R. – www.rubylanefarms.blogspot.com
I love NuNaturals NuStevia™ ! I use it every day in my iced tea. I also use it when I make yogurt & when I eat oatmeal.

• Heather – www.healthhaphope.com
I have tried your Vanilla drops & the Quick Dissolve Tabs, and both were totally impressive ! They tasted great and had no weird aftertaste that many other sweeteners have.

• Jennifer – www.alwayssick.com
I tried the NuStevia™ Powder & found it very easy to use and my cookies had no funny aftertaste like what you’d find with some other Brands of Stevia.
• Emily – www.asdreamsbecomerealty.blogspot.com

I love NuNaturals products. My favorite Brand of Stevia, BY FAR !
• Iris H.- www.thedailydietribe.com
I had heard from many other Bloggers that NuNaturals was the best Brand, and I had only tried the Sweetleaf Brand before that. Now I hate to play favorites because I like Sweetleaf as well, but the NuNaturals Stevia truly does have the best flavor of all Brands I’ve tried. Their Vanilla Stevia Liquid is my particular NuNaturals favorite.

• Michelle I. – Author of “ Sugar-Free Desserts Sweetened With Stevia” - www.sugarfreeraw.com
Your particular Brand of Stevia is by far hands down the best tasting Stevia in the industry. I use it for all of my dishes. Make no mistake, other Stevias just haven’t measured up when it comes to taste.

• Kathleen – www.katshealthcorner.wordpress.com
Your Vanilla Stevia Liquid is INCREDIBLE ! I can’t believe how amazing it tastes. It doesn’t have a fake flavor that some products do. It is true BLISS !

• Lori P. – www.adayinmotherhood.com
I have to say, I am very impressed with your entire line of products. I use only a fraction of your product compared to what I used to use with sugar. The powders are so fine that they blend easily. The drops are perfect because they are instant gratification, easy to use, & easy to store. I am a French Toast junkie, so to make my recipe healthier I used the Vanilla Stevia Liquid in place of sugar. All I did was add a few drops to my egg whites. It turned out to be the BEST French Toast I had ever had !

• Maria M. – www.prefontaine44.blogspot.com
I have to take a moment to RAVE about your NuNaturals products. I firmly believe they are the absolute best Stevia on the market. NuNaturals Stevia is the greatest way to enjoy something sweet without it becoming detrimental to your health.

• Danai K. of Germany – www.living-learning-eating.blogspot.com
NuNaturals has a great variety of Stevia products such as those diabetic-friendly NoCarb Stevia Packets which are so great for taking on the go in a handbag. Only one packet is enough to sweeten your whatever out the whazoo !

• Hilary W. of Canada – www.hungryhealthyhilary.com
I am happy to report after several months usage of your NuNaturals products I am really pleased with everything I’ve tried. I had heard that Stevia had a weird aftertaste, but I didn’t notice that at all with NuNaturals. A little goes a long way & I love the fact your Stevia has O calories, but made from a plant, NOT chemicals.

• Kim M. - www.kim-thislittlelifeofmine.blogspot.com
With Stevia, I found it depends on the Brand . I use NuNaturals NuStevia Extract, which is pure Stevia and only requires ¼ teaspoon to sweeten an entire pitcher of tea. AWESOME !!

• Sarah Leaf, Certified Nutritionist – www.leafnutrition.com
Ever since I was introduced to your Stevia products I have been obsessed with all the new baking/dessert creations I’ve been able to make. I love the taste of your products, especially the Liquid Vanilla Stevia and the MoreFiber Baking Blend. They are wonderful and I recommend your products to all of my clients.

• Kiersten F. – www.thetypeahousewife.com
Your MoreFiber Baking Blend is my favorite product. I am definitely going to use this in the future !

• Stephanie L., Certified Health Coach – www.glutenfreehope.blogspot.com
I have been doing lots of experimenting and enjoying your products so much. My favorite product so far is the Vanilla Stevia Liquid.

• Charissa of Canada – www.colourfulpalate.com
NuNaturals has one of the few Stevias that doesn’t have that yucky aftertaste that reminds me of licorice. It makes a delicious addition to cookies, smoothies, muffins, and our Holiday baking.

• Christin L. – www.purplebirdblog.com
I will say in all me experience with Stevia in the past, I find your products to be superior, it definitely is lacking that bitter taste so often associated with Stevia.

• Rande M. – www.thevegetablecentrickitchen.com
I’m obsessed with NuNaturals Stevia. It is, in my opinion , the ONLY good tasting Stevia out there and I use it with wild abandon.

• Shannon K. of Germany – www.healthifulbalance.blogspot.com
I’ve used a few other Stevia Brands before getting the chance to try NuNaturals NuStevia. They are by far the best Stevia Brand I have ever tried. Their packets are perfect for pretty much everything. The MoreFiber Baking Blend is vegan and I’ve tried it in many recipes & it works great ! Their liquids are just AWESOME !

• Kelly B. – www.thespunkycoconut.com
I am impressed with your Liquid Stevia. Your Stevia is the first I’ve tried with no diet aftertaste. I use it in place of my current Stevia Brand. I made a cake with your liquid Stevia and it came out phenomenally. I’m completely sold on it !

• Sarah C - www.withwordsandlattes.blogspot.com
I use and LOVE NuNaturals. It’s the only Brand I’ve had that doesn’t seem to have a funky aftertaste to it.

• Greg -
OH Nunaturals Stevia, how I love thee So ! I use it everyday in my green juice, coffee, herbal tea,, but I have to say my favorite way is on winter squash with cinnamon. Makes me feel like I’m having a delicious dessert for dinner.

• Meagan -
I usually use Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia simply because my local grocery store carries it but I have tried NuNaturals a couple of times and LOVE IT !

• Ana – www.kitchenspace.blogspot.com
I love NuNaturals, it is the best Stevia I have ever tasted. My favorite use is a few drops in my favorite smoothies. Stevia is definitely & by far my favorite sweetener. The NuNaturals Stevia does not have any aftertaste and it’s super Pure, which I like.

• Angela D. – www.cannedtime.blogspot.com
I love using NuNaturals Brand in baking, smoothies, and especially hot drinks.

• Mai – www.iammai7990.blogspot.com
I use NuNaturals Stevia in my savory dishes. Love it !

• Michele Sparrow -
I LOVE NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia. It’s all I use. I use it in iced coffee, hot tea, sometimes hot Americanos with steamed soy & cinnamon, green smoothies, and frozen coconut water. I am addicted to the stuff ! YUM !

• Meghan S. – www.thecollegiatecook.blogspot.com
I truly enjoy using NuNaturals products. The Vanilla Stevia is used in my kitchen almost everyday whether it’s in my greek yogurt, tea, or coffee. Baking with their products is seamlessly easy and I have never had a single complaint about an “off” taste or texture. I think real sugar fans will be pleased with this product as well.

• Karina - www.alwayskarinacocina.wordpress.com
Stevia is my go to sweetener, and NuNaturals is so much better than TRUVIA .

• Aubrey T. – www.recoveringmylifeforce.wordpress.com
NuNaturals in my opinion is one of the best Companies out there. Their Vanilla Stevia : one word, DELICIOUS ! I love all the powders and the Cocoa Bean Extract is to DIE FOR ! NuNaturals has
Swormed the Blogosphere and RIGHTFULLY SO !

• Sonnet – www.fortheloveoffoodblog.com
To be honest, I was a tad skeptical of trying Stevia again because I had tried another Brand in the past and it had only tasted bitter to me. However, I have been incredibly impressed with the NuNaturals products, particularly the liquid Stevia and the Vanilla Stevia drops. I now use them every day in oatmeal, tea, & smoothies. YUM !

• Nava-K , of Malaysia www.nava-k.com
Everyone has loved the taste of all the food I have made from NuNaturals Stevia. I personally have fallen so much for your Stevia and will continue to create more recipes. These products are simply superb !

• Sierra G. of Cape Town, South Africa - www.poshmeetspavement.com
My favorite Stevia is NuNaturals. Their Stevia products do not contain the bitter aftertaste that I have encountered with other Brands. The Vanilla Stevia Liquid is my all-time favorite for me and I take it everywhere, even on the plane because it’s only 2 fl oz., and a real plus for my airplane coffee.

• R. Liley - www.justaddcayenne.blogspot.com
I have been overwhelmed by all of the diverse products NuNaturals offers. I have used several items for baking and in my coffee/tea, and all with great success ! I’ve used other Stevia products in the past, but NuNaturals surpasses all of them !

• Lindsey - www.lindseylists.blogspot.com
I love that NuNaturals is confident enough to give out FREE samples….because their products are so good they know you’ll love it and come back for more !

• Desi - www.thepalatepeacemaker.com
NuNaturals is the ONLY Stevia Company I ever use !

• Audrey - www.justaudreyblog.blogspot.com
NuNaturals has been my go-to Stevia Brand for a couple of years. I love the variety of products they offer, which makes using less sugar even easier. The Baking Blend is probably one of my favorite products. It makes baking really easy with it’s substitute of one-to-one for sugar.

• Rachel - www.mymunchablemusings.com
I love NuNaturals ! I use the Vanilla Stevia Liquid the most. Really incredible product !

• Deanna - www.themommybowl.com
NuNaturals ……the first Stevia I didn’t hate. Such good stuff !!

• Amber Shea Ford - www.almostveganchef.com
I do love NuNaturals, they are by far the best tasting stevia out there !

• Melissa H., from Florida
NuNaturals Stevias are a great way to sweeten anything without raising the blood sugar.

• Brittany A. – www.realsustenance.com
NuNaturals Stevia, unlike most other Brands, is not bitter. I use it on a daily basis and you’ll find it in many of my sugar-free recipes.

• Abbe K. - www.surrowatch.blogspot.com
I love it that NuNaturals offers FREE samples of NuStevia. I get so tired of buying large, expensive quantities of new items & then decide they are not appropriate for my special dietary needs.

• Tia B. - www.tiatofu.com
I love this NuNaturals Stevia. I used the NuStevia No Carb Blend & the Vanilla Stevia Liquid to make a delicious 30-Calorie Venti Frappuccino, YUMMY ! I’m loving my Frap without consuming so many empty calories ! NuNaturals is now one of the products that I absolutely cannot live without ! This stuff is QUALITY !

• Ina G. - www.glutenfreedelightfullydelicious.com
I used your clear Liquid Stevia in a cookie recipe and the MoreFiber Baking Blend in my Ginger Mango Smoothie. Both of these products have worked out great ! The cookies came out soft, flavorful and nicely sweetened. The Ginger Mango Smoothie gave a slightly thicker smoothie which I loved.

• Marlie of Canada – www.barefootandfrolicking.com
I’ve heard that Stevia can be an acquired taste and that there is sometimes a slight aftertaste depending on the Brand. However I was pleasantly surprised with the Stevia from NuNaturals. I found there was little to NO aftertaste, and their Stevia tasted great in different recipes.

• Lindsay I. – www.itzlinz.com
I am thoroughly impressed with NuNaturals. Every product of theirs I’ve used sweetened my dishes and did not have that funky aftertaste.

• Tayla J. – www.shellbefree.blogspot.com
I have been using NuNaturals products for everything. My yogurt, cereal, tea, protein cakes……
Really EVERYTHING ! It’s my new favorite thing.

• Katie – www.katiedid.com
NuNaturals is the Brand of Stevia that I use and love. It has NO weird aftertaste, contains NO sugar or calories, and is really versatile in recipes.

• Amanda – www.picklesnhoney.com
I love the NuNaturals Brand of Stevia ! It’s definitely the BEST-TASTING of the Brands I’ve tried.

• Brittany – www.gothextramileblog.com
I am obsessed with NuNaturals NuStevia. I swear by the stuff!

Lemon/Orange Stevia Liquid Testimonials

• Tami – www.nutmegnotebook.com
NuNaturals is the only Brand of Stevia products that I have tried that are not bitter & have no aftertaste. I’ve tried the New Lemon & Orange and have been enjoying them. Since the flavoring comes from essential true lemon and orange ingredients they taste fresh not fake. I love that !
The Lemon drops were fabulous in my Greek Yogurt Parfait. The Tutti Frutti Smoothie made with the Orange Stevia drops was amazing !

• Kate - www.cookiesandcrafts.wordpress.com
I’ve been experimenting with my NuStevia products and, OH, Orange Stevia drops, how you surprised me with your burst of Orange flavor. Used the Lemon drops to make No-Bake, Healthy, Lemon Cookie Dough Bites ….simple and delicious !

• Ellen - www.ucrunnereats.wordpress.com
I’m already a huge fan of the Vanilla and Plain Liquids so When I learned of the New Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids, I was ecstatic ! This is a Company whose products I genuinely use almost every day.

• Tess - www.healthyblenderrecipes.com
NuNaturals Stevia is THE BEST one on the market. They now have Lemon and Orange Stevia Liquids.

• Navaneetham of Malaysia - www.nava-k.com
I infused the Vanilla Stevia product with almond powder to make a delicious Vanilla Almond Jelly, great with fruits. Just like me, you too can use these Stevia products for your cooking starting with the New Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids.

• Lisa - www.thrive-style.com
I always use NuNaturals, and love macaroons. I used the New Orange Stevia to make Orange Apricot Macaroons. Definitely tangy, slightly complex…..really darn yummy !

• Elise - www.hungryhungryhippie.com
I added a few drops of the Lemon Flavor Stevia to my water bottle and VOILA ! Instant lemonade with zero calories. SO SMART !

• Brittany - www.gotheextramileblog.com
I am obsessed with NuNaturals Stevia. I swear by the stuff. Inspired by their Vanilla Stevia ( my absolute favorite ), they came up with Lemon & Orange drops. I’ve already tried them out, and let me tell you, they are perfect !

• Haley - www.teenonamission.wordpress.com
Whenever I use Stevia, it’s always NuNaturals. No ifs, ands, or buts. Definitely my favorite ! Now they
Have two more flavors, Lemon & Orange. Try them !

• Clair - www.findingclairity.com
I think NuNaturals is the highest quality Stevia product out there, and so, I appreciate all their product diversity in a market that is very under served. Two of their recent developments are the Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids and they are great because they sweeten and the flavor is strong too.

• Gina – www.runningtothekitchen.com,
The new Orange Stevia seemed like the perfect thing to create an Orange Blossom Muffin minus all the sugar from the grocery store bakery. The came out perfect and full of orange flavor.

• Chef Rachel - www.thehealthycookingcoach.com
NuNaturals is a high quality Stevia Brand that I’ve found most widely enjoyed by my cooking class students, clients, & friends. They recently came out with Alcohol Free Liquids of Lemon & Orange. These Stevias can add zest to iced herbal teas, yogurt, smoothies, and baked goods.

• Natasha - www.yogaininoms.wordpress.com
I recently won a Stevia giveaway and had the opportunity to try NuNaturals Stevia products. I’ve tried the New Lemon, Orange, & Vanilla flavors and they’re delicious !

• Lisa - www./healthydiaries.com
I highly recommend giving NuNaturals NuStevia a try if you’re looking to reduce the amount of sugar you eat. The now have other flavors like Orange and Lemon too.

• Felicia - www.naturalandbalanced.com
NuNaturals Stevia is my favorite Stevia because it doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste like other Brands and it tastes great ! The Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids are their new flavors that I was excited to try, and made Almond Orange Muffins and a delicious result !

• Heather - www.wheres-the-beach.blogspot.com
I am a huge fan of NuNaturals Stevia. I think it’s one of the best tasting Stevias you can find. When I tried the New Orange & Lemon Flavors I knew I needed to get into the kitchen. I made Orange Chocolate Cookie Balls and these turned out far better than I ever imagined. They aren’t overly sweet and the Orange is just a nice subtle, fragrant touch .

• Brittany - www.realsustenance.com
NuNaturals Stevia unlike most other Brands is not bitter. I use it on a daily basis. Look for the New Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids.

• Danai - www.living-learning-eating.blogspot.com
I tried your new Lemon Stevia in a cup of plain yogurt and it worked great ! Just a few drops turned my cup of yogurt into a sweet, tangy, super flavorful, lemon yogurt , only sugar-free & still Natural, ( unlike light flavored yogurts )

• Tia - www.tiatofu.com
I highly recommend the New Lemon Stevia because it really adds an amazing amount of sweet/lemon flavor to recipes.

• Sierra of South Africa - www.poshmeetspavement.com
I’ve provided my readers 10 ways to use your Stevia Liquid products in place of sugar.

• Aunt Jayne of Canada - www.glutenfreewithauntjayne.wordpress.com
I love NuNaturals NuStevia products so when I found out they had a New Lemon & Orange I jumped at the chance to try them out. The flavor is so wonderful. You need to get these easy-to-use delicious flavors for yourself .

• Gracie - www.girlmeetslife.com
I’ll take a fresh-out-of-the-oven treat over a pre-made one any day of the week and your New Orange Stevia Liquid made a great Orange-Almond Muffin. UH , YUM !!

• Heather - www.healthhaphope.com
I have tried a few NuNaturals products in the past and loved them, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the New flavors of Lemon & Orange. You get a burst of pure flavor like none other ! No bitter aftertaste and a strong, quality flavor, the possibilities of how you can use these new products are endless !

• Julie - www.teachinggoodeaters.blogspot.com
I won some NuNaturals Stevia from a contest & shared with my mom & she got hooked on it and says it is much better than Truvia. If your kids are hooked on sweet drinks, try putting a few drops of Lemon & Orange Stevia in water or sparkling water. We also made Orange “ Dreamsicle ” smoothies !

• Erica - www.itzyskitchen.com
The New Orange Stevia Liquid made some great Vegan Orange Chocolate Chip Corn Muffins !

• Ashley - www.myfoodfitnessdiaries.com
I just love lemon desserts ! I have all sorts of fun ideas for the New Lemon drops. My first was healthy frosted Lemon Muffins. They were super duper easy, healthy, and delicious.

• Charissa of Canada - www.colourfulpalate.com
Something that has been making my smoothies that much more delicious is NuNaturals Liquid Stevia. The New fruit flavors are just as nice and I am having a fantastic time adding them to my smoothies. I made a delicious Orange shake that reminded me of an Orange Julius !

• Paige - www.runningaroundnormal.com
Being 100% honest here, NuNaturals is the reason I like Stevia. I’ve tried nearly all other Brands and none compare with NuNaturals. When I tried the New Orange Stevia Liquid I knew exactly what I wanted to make ; Orange Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate, YUM !!

• Kristina - www.spabettie.com
Spring & Summer bring new flavors and NuNaturals brought New Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquid to their line. I have already made several tasty treats with these flavors. These new citrus flavors have very flavorful- real citrus taste and scent !

• Laura - www.sprint2thetable.com
I was particularly inspired by the Orange Stevia Liquid. I could smell it even before I opened the bottle and it actually smelled like Oranges !

• Cait - www.beyond-bananas.com
NuNaturals offers the perfect amount of sweetness without the added sugar. I’ve added the New Lemon Stevia to plain Greek Yogurt, and it is absolutely delicious !

• Julie - www.juliegolean.com
Two great new additions to my favorite family of Stevia products ever, Lemon & Orange !

• Ricki from Canada - www.dietdessertndogs.com
Sine the Anti-Candida Diet doesn’t allow Oranges, I recently added the New Orange Stevia Liquid to create a Goji-Chocolate confection. The citrus melds perfectly with the fruity Gojis and Cacao. I am betting you will love these, too !

• Katie - www.healthydivaeats.com
I came home today craving a smoothie. The star of my smoothie was NuNaturals Orange Stevia !

• Lauren - www.saywhatyouneedtosayblog.com
NuNaturals is a product that I’ve been using for years. I tried the New Lemon Stevia creating a Lemon Blueberry Banana Breakfast Cake and it came out wonderfully moist & perfectly sweet with a subtle hint of fresh lemon !

• Lindsay - www.insweetnessandinhealth.com
I have been wanting to try this stuff forever because I keep seeing it on everyone’s Blogs. I got the urge to try the Lemon Stevia in my iced passion tea from Starbucks yesterday and it was Divine! I will definitely continue to buy this product .

• Shannon from Germany - www.healthfulbalance.blogspot.com
I’ve used other Stevia Brands before getting the chance to try NuNaturals products. Most all of the other Stevia products left me disappointed. NOT the case with NuNaturals. The two New Lemon & Orange Liquid Stevia are perfect for flavoring tea, smoothies, yogurt, and great for baking too. They add a nice, refreshing flavor and sweetness. When opening the bottles you are immediately hit with a delicious smelling scent. These are REAL, not artificial as others.

• Angel - www.yummyvegetariandelights.com
Where do I begin when talking about these great tasting products. I’m not sure exactly how they did it, but they have taken Stevia to the next level !

• Marlena - www.marlenatorres.com
You know how much I love Stevia and NuNaturals Stevia in particular because it allows me to enjoy sweetness without sugar. I know other Stevia Brands offer different flavors, but I’m so excited over thethe NEW Lemon and Orange Stevia Liquids. DELICIOUS ! I’m totally impressed,( no surprise there)

• Katie - www.talkless-saymore.com
I love NuNaturals ! I made some Lemon Blueberry Pancakes with the New Lemon Drops the other weekend and they turned out FANTASTIC !

• Lindsay - www.itzlinz.com
When I first discovered NuNaturals, I was hooked ! Now they have two New flavors, Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids that are absolutely perfect for the warm summer months. I have found great success in many new recipes.

• Jamie LeBlanc - www.empowernetwork.com
The BEST Liquid Stevia Extract you will find, hands down, is NuNaturals Pure Liquid Vanilla Stevia !

• Char of Canada - www.charskitchen.ca
I used the New Orange Stevia Liquid to make a great Chocolate Orange Cheesecake. I love, love, love, the NuNaturals Liquid Orange Stevia, it is a MUST !!

• Lindsay - www.arunningtale.com
Love NuNaturals ! Right now I am obsessed with the New Lemon in plain Greek Yogurt with blueberries. I was inspired by the New Lemon Stevia to make Chia seed pancakes.

• Erin - www.thegrasskirtblog.com
NuNaturals, makers of the best Stevia ever now offers a NEW Lemon & Orange Liquid Stevias.YUMMY STUFF !

• Alex - www.spoonfulofsugarfree.com
I created a recipe for Lemon Poppyseed Muffins using the New Lemon Stevia Liquid and now in love with this product .

• Abby - www.eatdrinkandbeaware.blogspot.com
NuNaturals has added two New Stevia products to their already awesome list of Stevia products. The Lemon & Orange Liquid Stevias are far superior than other flavored Stevia products available.

• Jenna - www.corgipants.blogspot.com
I have been using NuNaturals products for about a year and love the Vanilla Stevia so I couldn’t wait to try the New Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids. I made a killer breakfast dish with the Orange Flavor and tasty Lemon Poppyseed Balls with the Lemon. Both the Lemon & Orange are so vibrant and natural, really fruity and not artificial at all.

• Annette - www.enjoyyourhealthylife.com
I had wanted to try the NuNaturals goodness for quite some time, and guess what, it makes EVERYTHING better ! The Lemon & Orange drops are my favorite. With the Orange Stevia, it turns anything you make into a yummy Orange Dreamsicle dessert. The Lemon adds a nice zing to any smoothie or frosting. Trust me, this is something you want ! This stuff is legit and delicious !!

• Allie - www.livelaugheat.com
I actually started purchasing the NuNaturals Brand exclusively after trying it over 2 years ago. I think it is superior in taste compared to other Brands. I especially like the New Lemon flavor for making lemonade.

• Lisa - www.fitinthemidwest.wordpress.com
Just made my dessert and it was insanely fantastic. I won some Orange & Lemon Stevia from NuNaturals and combined some Fage Plain Greek Yogurt, a few drops of your Lemon Stevia Liquid and strawberries. I haven’t been this crazy happy with a dessert in a long time and it’s super healthy to boot ! I can’t wait to make this again.

• Katie - www.katiedid.com
NuNaturals is the best Brand of Stevia that I already use and love. I used the New Lemon Stevia in my homebrewed Kombucha. I threw in some frozen raspberries and a couple drops of the Lemon Stevia for Raspberry Lemon Homebrewed Kombucha. I can’t get enough !

• Claire - www.fitting-it-all-in.com
When I had the chance to try the two New flavors of Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids I was totally excited because everything at NuNaturals is great . I used the New Lemon & Orange in my favorite afternoon snack : Strawberries dipped in OIKOS Yogurt, it’s like an Orange or Lemon icing, yet a bajillion times healthier !

• Angela - www.cannedtime.blogspopt.com
My favorite “ Sugar-Free ” source is NuNaturals. I used your New Lemon flavor Stevia Liquid to glaze and make one of the best fruity cakes I’ve had in a long time, “ Mandarin Orange Pecan Cake ” DELICIOUS !!

• Meg - www.dashofmeg.com
Ever since I tried the New Lemon Liquid Stevia I have been hooked ! All of the flavors, Vanilla, Orange, and Lemon are absolutely amazing !!

• Lauren - www.diaryofanutritionist.com
I added your New Orange Stevia Liquid to a salad dressing I created and it gave me a great unique Gourmet and summer flavor .

• Averie - www.loveveggiesandyoga.com
The New Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids are bursting with citrusey flavor. When I opened the bottle I could smell the wonderful citrus aroma. SUPER !!

• Lauren - www.thegreenleanbean.com
If you haven’t tried Stevia drops and not sure which Brand to get. NuNaturals is it ! I’ve used the New Lemon Stevia Liquid to make a great Lemon water and the best and easiest Lemonade EVER !

• Christina - www.ilovefetacheese.com
Your NuNaturals products are really spiced ! I made Protein Pancakes and adding just 7 drops of your New Lemon Stevia Liquid to the batter was perfect. This stevia has a very strong Lemon smell – NO weak flavor here ! They deliver what they promise !

• Alex - www.therunwithin.wordpress.com
Love your New Lemon & Orange Stevia Liquids ! They are bursting with flavor and they seriously pack a punch with just a few drops. Freaking amazing !!

• Kim - www.thislittlelifeofmine.blogspot.com
I’m a huge fan of NuNaturals Stevia products. Well, the New Lemon & Orange Flavor Stevia took my recipes to another level – intensified the flavors without being overwhelming. You get extra flavor with NO extra sugar !

• Lauren - www.wholewheatorbust.wordpress.com
Stevia is the best bet as far as low calorie sweeteners go. I use the New Lemon & Orange Stevia mainly for drinks, however I created an Orange Coriander Oat Bran Muffin that was delicious.

• Anne - www.myzenpulse.com
I’ve fallen in love with NuStevia ! No nasty taste, no funky additives. Just calorie-free, yummy
sweetness. I made a great Strawberry Lemonade with your New Lemon Stevia.

• Patrice - www.everydayruralty.com
I have been a longtime user of NuNaturals Stevia. The two New flavors of Lemon and Orange are wonderful ! I highly recommend them to you. They’re so good !!

• Jody - www.truth2beinmgfit.com
The NuNaturals Stevia is by far the best tasting Stevia. They are now introducing their New Orange & Lemon Liquid Stevia. AMAZING ! When I first opened each of these bottles, the aroma enveloped me - it was like AROMATHERAPY at home ! The citrus smell of both of these flavors had me right away. I’ve already used these flavors in many recipes.

• Elizabeth - www.donwhitesugarcoatit.com
The only Stevia Brand I will consume is NuNaturals. All others have this gross bitter-aftertaste. How they eliminate this and create such a pure product is beyond me, but I’m always grateful. Their New flavors of Orange & Lemon are great to work into summertime drinks .

• Anna - www.theguiltlesslife.wordpress.com
NuNaturals is a big favorite in the Blog World, for their absolutely superior Stevia products that leave NO aftertaste & NO bitterness. I just love them ! I have just tried your New Lemon Stevia Liquid and WOW ! Nothing artificial at all about the flavor & so unbelievably lemony ! I can’t stress how genuinely lemony the taste of this Stevia is – it is just fabulous ! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with their product quality, I love it ! I have never found better Stevia !

• Amanda - www.picklesnhoney.com
I’m a big fan of NuNaturals Liquid Stevia ( it’s the only Brand I’ve found that doesn’t have that gross, bitter aftertaste ). I was really excited to try the New Orange & Lemon Stevia Liquids. Just like their Plain and Vanilla Stevias, these are seriously good !

• Terry - www.myjourneywithcandida.blogspot.com
NuNaturals is my NUMBER 1 go to sweetener . Not all Brands are the same, believe me on this one !
The Vanilla Liquid Stevia is amazing ! The New Lemon & Orange make a very tasty drink. It is like a treat for me, so refreshing !

• Jennifer - www.thegfgf.com
I’ve long been a fan of NuNaturals Liquid Vanilla Stevia as a sweetener in my coffee. I was very excited to try their New Lemon & Orange Liquid Stevia. I used the Orange in some Chocolate Orange Biscotti, they were full of flavor and received great reviews from my official taste testers.

• GiGi - www.gigieatscelebrities.com
I am obsessed with NuNaturals. I sweeten my roasted butternut squash & egg white pancakes every morning with the powder, and I use the liquids to sweeten my coffee. It’s amazing !

• Christine - www.therawproject.com
NuNaturals is my favorite Brand of Liquid Stevia for just about anything I need to sweeten because, unlike other Brands I’ve tried, it does not have a bitter aftertaste and a little goes a long way. I’m having plenty of fun trying the New Lemon & Orange flavors after discovering they’re very strong, like sweetened flavor extracts that just a few drops add a lot of flavor.

• Hilary - www.hungryhealthyhilary.com
I am so pleased with the New Lemon and Orange Liquid Stevias. WOW !! It seriously tastes like you zested a fresh Lemon or Orange right into your food. The flavor is HUGE, and not artificial at all !

• Jessica - www.dairyfreebetty.com
I’ve never particularly cared for Stevia in the past, however when I recently tried your New Orange Liquid Stevia, YEA ! It wasn’t bitter !!

• Lauren - www.oatmealafterspinning.com
I just got some NuNaturals Lemon and Orange Stevia Liquids that I’ve alternated the two in recipes and both versions are awesome !

• Sarah - www.sarafit.com
I use NuNaturals probably every single day in my coffee, ice cream. or oatmeal, but this was my first try of the New Lemon and Orange Stevia Liquids and was blown away !


• Terri - www.myjourneywithcandida.blogspot.com
My husband has been looking for a sugar substitute for his coffee. He tried your NEW PreSweet™ Tagatose and we both agree this stuff is great! NO aftertaste, pours & measures like sugar & does not lump like some others. He just ordered 5 pounds & we recommend this for anyone looking for a sugar substitute. You won’t use anything else! I put a drop of your New Peppermint Liquid Stevia on my tongue. POW! That is real Peppermint & there is no mistaking it. Perfect for me!

• Jen - www.peanutbutterandpeppers.com
I have tried all of your new Flavored Stevia Liquids and oh my gosh they are amazing! Best Stevia out there! Now I can see why so many Food Blogs I read use your products. I really can’t get over how much I like them. You have a lifelong customer here! I have to tell you also that I am really liking your NEW PreSweet Tagatose. Baking with it worked out great!

• Laura - www.laurasglutenfreepantry.com
I have been having a ball testing out all of the amazing new flavors of your Liquid Stevia. I have been thoroughly impressed by every product from NuNaturals I have tried.

• Lindsey - www.lindseylu8.blogspot.com
NuNaturals offers so many delicious, natural, and calorie free sweetener options. YUM, I seriously can not decide which one I like the most! The Lemon is amazing, the Peppermint is awesome, and the Clear Regular is perfect for anything that needs sweetened.

• Mary M. of Scotland, UK - www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com
I have been using NuNaturals everyday in my drinks and baking. I love it! It tastes really good. Using Stevia has helped me cut down on a lot of sugar intake. I also love it in my fruit salad. So when you buy Stevia, look for the right one, NuNaturals NuStevia™! I just used your PreSweet Tagatose to make a very tasty sugar-free Chocolate cake for a diabetic friend. It turned out moist, delicious, and everyone loved it, plus it even tasted better the next day!

• Alex - www.therunwithin.wordpress.com
NuNaturals has seriously changed my life! My stomach is no longer bloated from sweeteners and my food tastes better!

• Rachel - www.passingdaisies.net
NuNaturals offers a huge selection of products and quite frankly, I think they are one of the best, (if not the BEST) producer of Stevia-based products out there. My personal favorite is the wide selection of Liquid Stevias. They are so versatile and can be used in pretty much anything. I love this Company, and I know you will too when you try their products!

• Heather - www.fullpricenever.com
NuNaturals Pure Liquid Flavored NuStevia, this stuff is fantastic! You can use it in cooking, beverages like coffee or tea, plus there are LOADS of other uses. They are perfect for diabetic recipes and they are alcohol free. The Peppermint is awesome in coffee and the Orange is divine!

• Caralyn - www.glutenfreehappytummy.com
Love NuNaturals! I use their powder and liquid drops in everything. I can’t eat sugar because of the Body Ecology Diet, and this is a great alternative! Their MoreFiber™ Stevia Baking Blend Blueberry Scone recipe sounds so delicious on their website.

• Alyssa - www.lifeofblyss.com
I’m a big fan of NuNaturals and their products make regular appearances in my coffee & in my baking. The NEW Orange and Lemon Stevia Liquids are made from the real citrus. Once I popped open the little bottle, my mouth watered instantaneously. I recommend dropping some Lemon NuStevia over some berries & yogurt. It’s like a little limoncello delight!

• Vanessa - www.groovyfoody.wordpress.com
My favorite Stevia Brand product is NuNaturals Pure Liquid Vanilla, Alcohol Free. It’s made with Pure Singing Dog™ Vanilla Extract. YUMMY! The most amazing thing about this product is that it helped my hubby beat a lifelong soda addiction. He now uses a few drops of Vanilla Stevia in his sparkling water to get a deep vanilla flavor paired with tongue tickling bubbles of sparkling water. WIN! WIN!

• Dana - www.mylittlecelebration.com
I was thrilled to try NuNaturals because I’ve seen so many Food Bloggers sing their praises that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these. To try them out I made some Vegan Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies & was quite pleased with the final result. There wasn’t any unpleasant aftertaste, which I was thoroughly impressed by. They are one of the best-tasting Natural sweeteners on the market.

• Katie - www.healthydivaeats.com
NuNaturals NuStevia Packets, I can not ever be without these! I went from Splenda, to Truvia, and to this stuff! I will never turn back. NOT bitter, and oh so sweet!

• Beth - www.tastyyummies.com
NuNaturals Stevia is my favorite Brand of Liquid Stevia for so many reasons. NO artificial ingredients, NO lab altered weirdness, plus unlike some Brands of Stevia, NuNaturals leaves NO bitter aftertaste.

• Kibby - www.kibbysblendedlife.com
I highly recommend you purchase a bottle of the NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid for your kitchen recipe repertoire. I can not emphasize enough how wonderful this one product has been for me. This is a great product if you are looking to go sugar-free. All Stevia products are not created equal. NuNaturals is the only one I have tried that is high quality & NO bitter aftertaste. Just so smooth, creamy and delicious!

• Kristi R. - www.motherrimmy.com
I tried NuNaturals and I’ve been a fan ever since. Truly this product has no aftertaste. I love its All-NATURAL origins.

• Michele T - www.beforeitsnews.com
I truly love NuNaturals and have used it for years. It’s a delicious way to sweeten iced tea, coffee, oatmeal, smoothies, and any recipe you want to whip up!

• Susan S. of Ecuador - www.livefoodfactor.com
I have tried NuNaturals and their product is awesome & like no other Stevia. It is not only delicious, but also has NO aftertaste. Made a low-calorie Pumpkin Pudding with the new Orange Flavored Liquid, YUMMY!

• Tarilee - www.wholeapproach.com
The NuNaturals Stevia is a wonderful product with a clean, smooth, sweet taste. It is rare to find a Stevia that is completely free of the bitter aftertaste and solvent free. Many people are put off by Stevia of other Brands and have come to love Stevia by NuNaturals. How did I live without it!

• Gina - www.skinnytaste.com
I was never a fan of the taste of Stevia until I tried the Liquid Drops from NuNaturals. Stevia lovers always told me good things about NuNaturals so when I finally got to try it, I see why. You don’t get that bitter aftertaste you get with other Brands on the market.

• Amber - www.thetastyalternative.com
I’m happy to report that I’ve been extremely pleased with all of the NuNaturals Liquid products. I use them frequently, most notably in sweet recipes where NuNaturals shines with a variety of awesome flavors.

• Amee - www.ameessavorydish.com
I have used some NuNaturals products with very pleasing results. The NEW PreSweet™ Tagatose was used in the fresh Cherry Compote topping of my Lemon Cheesecake. I’m thrilled how natural this tastes in my recipes. NO unpleasant aftertaste, just mild sweetness, NO bitterness.

• Raechel - www.rebelgrrlkitchen.com
Oh my gosh, I love NuNaturals, it’s the only Stevia without a terrible aftertaste.

• Cara - www.carascravings.com
I’m so excited to hear you now offer Peppermint Stevia. I love your Orange Stevia in my salad dressings and smoothies.

• Angie - www.angiewith2.blogspot.com
NuNaturals is a great Company that makes trying to eat healthier a little easier and tastier too. Their products are great for those needing to watch their sugar levels. I tried the NEW Lemon Stevia Liquid in a glass of ice water and the flavor was amazing!

• Jennifer - www.blissfulyogajourney.blogspot.com
I tried the NEW Flavored Liquid Stevias and their flavor is AMAZING! A little goes a long way and the best part, their ALL-NATURAL.

• Nicole S. – www.colieskitchen.com
Your products are FANTASTIC! They taste better than any Stevia I have tried. They actually renew my faith you can find great products out there. They are incredible! I have started eating much healthier and my family has removed products like Aspartame from our diet. NuNaturals has become my favorite product line replacing our need for Aspartame. I love your products so much I carry your NuStevia packets in my purse all the time.

• Dr. Mark - www.thedessertdoctor.com
Tried the new PreSweet Tagatose and found it nice and sweet, not very different from sugar with NO aftertaste! I like the additional health benefits the Tagatose provides (prebiotics), plus the Browning ability when cooking & therefore I am excited to add it to “The Dessert Doctor” sweetener arsenal.

• Heather – www.soulfulspoon.com
I first found Stevia in 2009 when I became obsessed with the Raw Food Diet. There are lots of Stevia Brands out there but NuNaturals is by far the best tasting because it has ZILCH amounts of bitterness like many Brands. NuNaturals believes in their products & I can see why. I DO ALSO!

• Amy T. - www.utry.it
I didn’t often use sweeteners because of the after-taste that is often associated with them, however I have to say I was very surprised there’s NO after-taste from your All-Natural liquid sweeteners at all! A great way to reduce or eliminate refined sugar from my diet, yet still satisfy the cravings of my sweet tooth.

• Kelly - www.exceptionalistic.com
I’ve been through my share of sweeteners that haven’t lived up to what I want. I’ve now switched to NuNaturals & keep your Stevia packets in my purse for when I’m out and don’t want to use sugar. I tried the Lemon, Orange & Peppermint Stevia Liquids & WOW! They are delicious. I’m being completely serious when I say that I could not tell it wasn’t sugar.

• Jalynn P. - www.asimplelifereally.blogspot.com
I love Stevia and NuNaturals is the best one to use. Awesome product!

• Julieanne - www.joyinourjourney.com
I’ve tried some Stevia and didn’t care for the bitter aftertaste, but I’ve now tried NuNaturals and was pleased with how it tasted.

• Kristy of Malaysia - www.kristygourmet.blogspot.com
I created a yummy and healthy Ginger Egg Custard that was simple, quick and delicious. I just love these outrageous NuNaturals products!

• Jennifer - www.dirigochristianhomeschool.blogspot.com
I have used Stevia products in the past but nothing like the NuNaturals products. I put a couple of drops of your NEW Peppermint NuStevia Liquid to my tongue & it was like I was in one of those York Peppermint Patty commercials being whisked away to a winter wonderland! My taste buds soared with the fresh taste of peppermint & the sweetness of Stevia minus any bitter aftertaste that come with other Stevia products. WOW!

• Megan - www.detoxinista.com
I’ll admit the first time I tried using Stevia several years ago I didn’t care for the flavor at all. It was too sweet, and bitter, all at the same time. Then I discovered NuNaturals Stevia. WOW, what a difference! It has no bitter after-taste and it’s the only Brand of Stevia I recommend.

• Gena M. - www.ichoosejoy.org
We have no medical issues in our home with sugar, however if we did, I would definitely purchase the New NuNaturals PreSweet Tagatose for baking and cooking. It is a wonderful product; diabetics will be thrilled with it.

• Lisa K. - www.upatdawnreadytowork.com
I must say all of the NuNaturals Flavored Stevia Liquids are very good and “Real tasting”. I was pleased to find the Orange Stevia tastes like a real orange and not that funky circus peanut or children’s aspirin orange flavor. I was very pleased with NuNaturals products and would not hesitate to buy them in the future.

• Jordan - www.likethemoonandthestarsandthesun.blogspot.com
NuNaturals Stevia is the BEST!

• Renee - www.mykitchenadventures1.blogspot.com
Many Stevia products can have a bitter aftertaste… but I am thrilled to tell you, all of the NuNaturals products I have tried DO NOT!

• Maryanne - www.matthewspuzzle.com
I love using NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid in my Pellegrino with a dash of lime. It reminds me of an old fashioned cream soda but without the calories. The NEW Orange NuStevia Liquid has become my new favorite and my kids love it.

• Noella M. - www.cwareviewcrew.com
Members of our Christian Women Review Crew sampled your NuNaturals products and they were great! NO after-taste. I am a huge advocate of your products & your Stevia is our only sweetener. We LOVE THEM!

• Azia A. - www.mamasgottabigbelly.blogspot.com
NuNaturals Stevia is such an incredible product and I know anyone that tried it would be hooked. I am absolutely LOVING these products!

• Alissa - www.theapels.blogspot.com
Your products are a really great addition to my kitchen. Your Stevia Liquid flavors can be added to lots of things and they boost the flavor and sweetness without the intake of sugar. THANKS!

• Sarah - www.homeschoolblogger.com
My favorite Stevia Brand is NuNaturals. It comes in premeasured packets and doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste that some Brands do.

• Delores - www.deloresliesner.com
WOW, Stevia like it should be, NuNaturals for me! I use to think all Stevia was the same, bitter, until I tried NuNaturals. Oh my, the difference. No turning back – I am hooked on NuNaturals! I used your NEW PreBiotic Blend Powder to make a delicious mini-chocolate cheese cake. YUMMY!

• Pamela - www.christianeveryday.com
Have you ever seen something that is too good to be true? Well the NuNaturals Stevia products are really truly good & good for you. The Vanilla Stevia Liquid is much better than any other Brand I used to use, no aftertaste like so many others.

• LaRee - www.broadhorizonsschool.blogspot.com
If you are looking for a healthy Natural low calorie sweetener, Stevia is the best option, and the NuNaturals Stevia products are some of the best I have ever tried.

• Sarah - www.growingforchrist.wordpress.com
I’ve tried Stevia before and have been less than impressed with its bitter aftertaste until I found NuNaturals. I like the fact that I can now sweeten my drinks without worrying about that sugar crash later or the bitter aftertaste of other Stevia products. I cannot recommend enough the use of NuNaturals Stevia whether you’re looking for a healthy way to sweeten food & drinks or because you’re Diabetic and need something that isn’t artificial.

• Sutapa from India - www.peacecooking.blogspot.com
NuNaturals ROCKS! It tastes great with no unpleasant aftertaste and you couldn’t tell that it is Stevia instead of sugar when I used it in my recipes. The Orange & Lemon Stevia Liquids are my favorites and they turn sinful sugar delights into healthy delicious treats.

• Emily - www.dilloftheday.wordpress.com
NuNaturals is one of my favorite products that has quickly become a staple in my kitchen that I use every single day. Seriously, This stuff is amazing!

• Vanessa from Belgium - www.food.vanevalentine.com
I personally like using your NEW PreSweet Tagatose in recipes. It does not have that weird aftertaste that some other alternative sweeteners have. It has a clean sweet taste that doesn’t affect the end result of a recipe plus it caramelizes like sugar & really does the trick for sugar-free recipes. Thanks.

• Kendra - www.aproverbs31wife.com
For the past 2 weeks I have been using NuNaturals Stevia and I’m in love! I’ve certainly been having fun finding ways to substitute regular sweeteners with NuNaturals Stevia. They are non-bitter & truly natural & YUMMY!

• Shirley T. from Singapore - www.luxuryhaven.blogspot.com
Love your NEW Stevia Liquid Flavors! I added your NEW Chocolate Liquid and Orange NuStevia Liquid to my Greek Yogurt & created the creamiest low calorie, zero fat, tastiest treat I have ever eaten!

• Heather - www.marinecorpsnomads.com
I’m normally not one to use sugar alternatives & my previous experience with Stevia hadn’t been that great. Well, I decided to try the NuNaturals Peppermint Stevia & when I opened the bottle I was so surprised at the strength of the peppermint scent. WOW! It only took a couple of drops in my hot chocolate to create a wonderful mint hot chocolate with NO bitter aftertaste. It was Delicious!

• Anna - www.theguiltlesslife.wordpress.com
NuNaturals is my favorite Stevia company & I just tried their NEW Chocolate Stevia. It’s amazing with a subtle chocolate flavor that really compliments your favorite chocolate dish.

• Annie - www.naturallysweetrecipes.blogspot.com
I have found NuNaturals to be amazing!

• Michele from Singapore - www.eatapieceofcake.blogspot.sg
I recently experimented with your NEW PreSweet Tagatose and your Lemon & Vanilla Stevia Liquids to create a Cold Oven Cream Cheese Pound Cake. The liquid sweeteners really enhanced the flavor of the cake the healthier way, while the Tagatose made a wonderful glaze – no one could tell it wasn’t made of icing sugar.

• Angie - www.eclecticrecipes.com
Since discovering your products I’ve been using them in everything. I have been most impressed with the taste, it is unlike any other substitutes I have ever tried.

• Jennifer - www.jennifersikora.com
I found a new product a few weeks ago and I am in heaven. Liquid Stevia that is flavored and it has zero calories. NuNaturals is my hero lately. I am loving sweets again!

• Tanya T., PhD - www.iateapie.net
I tried the NuStevia NO Carbs Blend by NuNaturals and much to my surprise, there was NO bitter flavor at all. Overall, I was quite favorably impressed by this sweetener.

• Amelia of Malaysia - www.ameliade-ssert.blogspot.com
I made a delicious Persimmon Pie with NuNaturals NuStevia packets and Vanilla Stevia Liquid. I find your products quite good especially for those Diabetic needs. This pie tasted delicious!

• Brenda – Part of The Christian Women’s Review Team
I love sugar but try hard to avoid it. The NuNaturals products have been a real blessing. They mix well in baking & they absolutely taste like sugar, no aftertaste, and I recommend them to anyone needing or wanting to reduce their sugar intake.

• Tammy - Part of the Christian Women’s Review Team
I tried the NuStevia Peppermint Liquid. There was NO bitterness. It is sweet like sugar & highly recommend it to anyone who uses sugar substitutes for health reasons, weight loss, or just because it tastes so great.

• Pam - Part of The Christian Women’s Review Team
I was personally amazed these products had no aftertaste. I would recommend them to anyone for their diet concerns or as a sugar substitutes for Diabetics.

• Stella - Part of The Christians Women’s Review Team
These new products from NuNaturals have really benefited me. I was truly amazed with no weird aftertaste, I love it! I would recommend these to those people using sweeteners, but hates the stuff!
Try them, you’ll love it!

• Ann of Singapore - www.anncoojournal.com
I used your new PreSweet Tagatose to prepare a very tasty No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake for a Diabetic friend of mine. He was very surprised that this dessert looked and tasted NO different from an ordinary cheesecake.

• Chef Jeannette - www.thecleanfoodcoach.com
I found your New PreSweet Tagatose makes delicious low-carb brownies that the kids loved. THANKS!

• Paula - www.frostedfingers.com
I’m always looking for kid friendly & healthy nutritional recipes. I combined your PreSweet Tagatose & Vanilla Stevia Liquid to create a delicious Banana Bread. Children loved it and didn’t notice anything different by eliminating sugar in the recipe.

• Angela - www.canned-time.com
I experimented with the NEW PreSweet Tagatose to make a Vegan Sweet Potato Cheesecake. It turned out wonderfully delicious, plus nutritious. It does not make you feel guilty by having an extra slice.

• Erica - www.4thesakeofcake.com
Last night I made a new Sunrise Smoothie recipe and one of the key ingredients was your new Orange Stevia Liquid. It added a fresh, fruity taste to my most recent smoothie creation.

• Bonnie - www.grandmabonniescloset.blogspot.com
I wanted to make some sugar-free treats for my grandkids & your PreSweet Tagatose Sweetener combined with your chocolate Stevia Liquid produced some great tasting Chocolate Meringue cookies.

• Kristy of Malaysia - www.kristygourmet.blogspot.com
I made a delicious Ginger Egg Custard with your NuStevia packets that turned out really smooth & creamy with the perfect sweetness.

• Anne of Ireland - www.somethingtochewover.blog.com
I believe in healthy cooking and love apples. I created this delicious apple sauce using your Vanilla Stevia Liquid. Very tasty!

• Dr. Solomon - www.stresseating.com
I recently used your new PreSweet Tagatose to make Chocolate Chip Scones instead of using refined sugar. They turned out awesome!

• Charissa from Canada - www.colourfulpalate.com
I was so intrigued by your PreSweet Tagatose Baking Blend. I used it to make a low-carb Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. After the first bite, I’m thinking, oh my word these taste so deliciously bad, but they were so healthy & simple to make. Sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, WOW!

• Sonnet - www.fortheloveoffoodblog.com
I have been incredibly impressed with the NuNaturals products, particularly the Liquid Vanilla Stevia drops. YUM!

• Beth - www.tasty-yummies.com
NuNaturals Stevia is my favorite Brand of Stevia for so many different reasons. NO artificial ingredients, NO lab altered weirdness, and NO bitter aftertaste. The aroma on their NEW Flavored Liquids is incredible!

• Tina - www.faithfitnessfun.com
I really love their Baking Blend because it not only cuts down on the use of sugar, but also adds fiber without any effects to the taste of the recipe.

• Elizabeth - www.dontwhitesugarcoatit.com
NuNaturals has won my heart. I made a Poppy-seed Soda Bread with their Baking Blend & it end up super. I’m not sure what magic goes on in the NuNaturals Plant, but I’m loving it!

• Casey from Australia - www.caseylorraine.com
Your Vanilla Liquid Stevia mixed with mint leaves & chopped spinach produced a very tasty and healthy Green Smoothie that I really enjoyed.

• Jolene from Canada - www.everydayfoodie.ca
I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and your Vanilla Stevia Liquid made me a delicious, sweet, & smooth apple Juliet.

• Shannon from Germany - www.healthifulbalance.blogspot.com
I used your new Chocolate & Peppermint Stevia Liquids to create Peppermint Dark Chocolate Patties. Wow, what tasty morsels!

• Vivian of Malaysia - www.vivianpangkitchen,blogspot.com
Your flavored Stevia Liquids have such great flavor & fantastic aroma. I loved another super product of yours, the New PreSweet Tagatose, it provides a great All-Natural sweetener alternative.

• Marta from Belgium - www.princessmisia.com
I love Belgium Waffles, why not I live in Brussels. Your Vanilla Stevia Liquid helped me produce a sugar-free waffle that I loved!

• Nava K from Malaysia - www.nava-k.com
I used your Vanilla Stevia Liquid to replace the Almond Essence in a recipe for Vanilla Almond Jelly and it produced a great tasting jelly that goes very well with fresh fruit.

• Chef Amber - www.almostveganchef.com
Your Vanilla Stevia Liquid made a delicious Peanut Pumpkin Protein Cake that I prepared quickly in the microwave. Enjoyed by ALL!

• Tami - www.nutmegnotebook.com
I am a huge fan of NuNaturals Stevia products. I use their Stevia drops daily in my coffee & the New flavored Lemon, Orange, & Vanilla in my yogurt & smoothies for that touch of sweetness. I have bought & tried other Stevias but they didn’t taste as good to me, so for me, it’s NuNaturals all the way!

• Katie - www.runsforcookies.com
I’ve never been a fan of sugar substitutes however after trying NuNaturals I found I really liked them. I’ve tried others, but this one is my favorite!

• Sierra - www.poshmeetspavement.com
I didn’t even like Stevia before I tried NuNaturals, now I haven’t looked back! This stuff was a total game-changer for me & helped eliminate artificial sweeteners & Splenda from my diet.

• Gina - www.simplylifeblog.com
Since I first tried NuNaturals a couple of years ago I’ve been using it regularly to flavor my morning oats. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness & is so easy to use!

• Erin - www.thehealthyapron.com
I have used the NuNaturals Baking Blend in my recipes with extremely pleasing results. I was really impressed by how it substituted for sugar without any major changes in taste or texture for the dessert.

• Vanessa - www.healthylivinghowto.com
I personally prefer the taste of the NuNaturals products over all others.

• Lindsay - www.itzlinz.com
I am thoroughly impressed with NuNaturals, NO funky aftertaste! You definitely got me hooked!

• Allen - www.letstalkfitness.com
I love NuNaturals products and use your Stevia every day in my green juice & my smoothies.

• Brenda - www.sugarfreemom.com
Tried the NEW Liquid Flavors and the smell alone was wonderful!

• Kim - www.theysmell.com
Your Liquid Stevia is pretty amazing, especially the flavored ones for a sweet flavored accent. I also really like your Quick Dissolve Tablets because I can put a few in my purse and then I have my Stevia ON-THE-GO!

• Jaine of Singapore - www.unpastiche.com
Baking sugar-free is so much easier with your NuNaturals products. I have experimented with a whole array of cookies suitable for Diabetics for our Chinese New Year! THANKS!

• Eric - www.threeravenconsulting.com
I have used NuNaturals Stevia since 2000. They have the BEST Stevia products on the market. I have tried others, but none have the taste or dissolvability that NuNaturals have. Awesome products and I highly recommend them.

• Lucille, Dietitian in South Africa
I was really fascinated by your PreSweet Tagatose product, a very innovative sweetener. I also love all of your Flavored Stevia Liquids. They are great in recipes.

• Alissa - www.theapels.blogspot.com
Overall I love the NuNaturals products. The New PreSweet Tagatose helps boost my immune system with prebiotics in it, plus I really enjoy the flavored Liquids. SO GOOD!

• Laura - www.sprint2thetable.com
I used the New PreSweet Tagatose in some German Chocolate Chip Cookies to make them a little healthier and they tasted delicious!

• Heather - www.unashameddiary.blogspot.com
NuNaturals products are smart and tasty alternative for those of us who suffer with a sweet tooth. You get a non-bitter, sugar-free sweetener with NO added calories and NO GUILT! My favorite product is the PreBiotic Blend. I actually loved the flavor more than sugar. NuNaturals gets high acclaim in my home and I’m sure it will in yours too.

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